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Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary!

The Blessed Mother's birth into heaven generates in us "an ever new capacity to await God's future"
- Pope John Paul II

Annibale Carracci's "Assumption of the Virgin Mary",
from Santa Maria del Popolo, Rome.
Saint Anne Catherine Emmerich had a vision of Mary being assumed into heaven:

She spoke of "A strange radiance over Mary's tomb". She saw a "shaft of light descending from heaven towards the tomb, and in this shaft was a lovely form like the soul of the Blessed Virgin, accompanied by the form of Our Lord; then the body of Our Lady, united to the shining soul, rose shining out of the grave and soared up to heaven with the figure of Our Lord. "

She also said: "In the night, I saw several of the Apostles and holy women praying and singing in the little garden in front of the rock tomb. A broad shaft of light came down from heaven to the rock, and I saw descending in it a triple-ringed glory of angels and spirits surrounding the appearance of Our Lord and of the the shining soul of Mary. The appearance of Our Lord, whose wound-marks were streaming with light, moved down in front of her soul. Round the soul of Mary, in the innermost circle of the glory, I saw only little figures of children; in the midmost circle they appeared a six-year old children; and in the outermost circle as grown-up youths. I could see only the faces clearly, all the rest I saw as shimmering figures of light. As this vision becoming ever clearer, streamed down upon the rock, I saw a shining path opened and leading up to the heavenly Jerusalem. Then I saw the soul of the Blessed Virgin, which had been following the appearance of Our Lord, pass in front of Him and float down into the tomb. Soon afterwards I saw her soul, united to her transfigured body, rising out of the tomb far brighter and clearer, and ascending into the heavenly Jerusalem with Our Lord and with the whole glory. Thereupon all the radiance faded again, and the quiet starry sky covered the land." "I do not know if all the Apostles and holy women praying before the tomb saw all this in the same manner, but I saw them looking upwards in adoration and amazement, or throwing themselves down full of awe with their faces to the ground."

Taken From: "The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary" from the Visions of Ven. Anne Catherine Emmerich.

The Holy Father,
Pope Benedict XVI,

"Precisely because Mary is with God and in God, she is very close to each one of us. While she lived on this Earth, she could only be close to a few people. Being in God, who is actually 'within' all of us, Mary shares in this closeness of God."

Our Lady "knows our hearts, can hear our prayers, can help us with her motherly kindness. She always listens to us and, being Mother of the Son, participates in the power of the Son and his goodness. We can always entrust the whole of our lives to this Mother."

From "Magnificat" August 2007 - Vol. 9, No. 6
When we

Pray the Rosary,

we meditate on

the Mystery of

the Assumption

during the Fourth

Glorious Mystery.
For More Information:
St. Thomas receiving the
Virgin Mary's girdle
In the Eastern Orthodox Church,

The Dormition of the Theotokos (the falling asleep of the Mother of God) is celebrated on the same date. A 14-day period of fasting precedes this holy day.

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Published on: 2007-08-02 (1284 reads)

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