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The Catholic Moms on the Internet WebRing!

Welcome to  The Catholic Moms
 on the Internet 

This WebRing is open to all Catholic Moms who have home pages with at least *some Catholic content* & whose pages are not in conflict with Rome and our beloved Pope. It was started by a lovely Catholic mom who has graciously turned it over to the web site! 

Some Non Catholic related sites will be accepted such as: a web with pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, nursing, midwifery or Catholic or Christian Music to name a few. There has to be an easy distinction so people know the site is Catholic. I receive wonderful comments from Christians who browse through the WebRing about the web sites in there. The WebRing members are a wonderful group of ladies. Your web site does not have to be professional looking, just "Catholic".....

So are you ready? I look forward to reviewing your site and to adding it to the ring!

All you do to get started is follow this link that says "Sign up here!" Please book mark this page, you may need to return later to make changes and for reference for the directions of adding all the below information to your site. If you have any questions or problems please E-mail me and I will do my best to help you please put "WebRing" in the Subject line so it does not get lost in all my other mail.

So in the meantime, I look *very* forward to approving your site and to meeting all of you through the ring! God bless you

Faithfully in Jesus and Mary
(ring manager) WebRing Members

All editing to your WebRing information can be done here by entering your site ID and password.
Net Ring Member Sites 
You may login below to edit your site's information.   Member Login Site ID: Password: ***IMPORTANT***


1. Your site MUST be CATHOLIC and also meet the following requirements.
(I know there are a lot of good sites that are not offensive but I ask to PLEASE only submit your site if your site is Catholic and gives glory to God (this means you can have a few pages dedicated to your Catholic faith.)

2. I ask for no sites to link to planned parenthood in any way or any sites that are offensive in any way (as I see fit for the ring). This includes webrings too.

3. NO sites that border on new age or witchcraft or paganism or anything Anti Catholic, or Immodest etc. will be approved. (E-mail me if you want general info about these 2 orgs that I object to having in my ring).

4. Every site to be approved must be in obedience to the Holy Father & Rome. NO site will be approved if it conflicts our Catholic beliefs, or if it links to any such sites.

5. You must be Catholic (or soon to be Catholic) and a mother (even if all of your babies are in heaven)

6. One last requirement is there is no foul language allowed.

I reserve the right to remove or not approve any site without notification if you remove your code for the ring or add content which I feel is not appropriate to the spirit of the webring and of course our faith, I reserve the right to remove your site. If you move your site, please don't forget to change the info in your "edit site" option. This makes my job a lot easier. Or E-mail me your changes.
*Please do NOT sign up until you have read all of the above and have understood all the requirements.

Sign up here!   Submit a Site to Catholic Moms on the Internet WebRing Site Title: Site URL: Site Owner: EMail Address: Year of Birth:
(ie: 1999) By law, we cannot collect personal information on anyone under the age of 13. Because of this we do not allow anyone 13 or under to Join a RingSurf Net Ring, or become a Ringmaster, and thus we are forced to ask you to specify your birthdate. If you are under the age of 14, you may not become a member of RingSurf. You may use the Ring Directory and use any existing ring, you just may not start a new ring, or add your website to an existing ring. See our privacy statement if you have any questions on how we handle your personal data. Password: Keywords: Site Description:

Here is what to do next:

(This will need to be done after you receive an E-mail saying you have been added to the "queue". you will need to add the code to your page. For some the code will be E-mailed with this confirmation, if it does not work for you or if you have AOL you will need to make all these changes manually by following the directions below)

Here is the source code you will need to save right below, you will need to put this on your page so that the webring will work properly. All you need to do is "Cut (Copy) " and "paste" this code in your "HTML" source of your page. You will also need to make a few changes in the code for your page as follows:


<A HREF="" target="_top">
<IMG SRC="cathmomlogo.jpg" ALIGN="LEFT"></A></FONT></TD>
<P ALIGN="center"> <FONT SIZE="3"> </FONT><FONT SIZE="2">This</FONT><FONT SIZE="2"> 
<A HREF="" target="_top">Catholic
Moms on the Internet</A> </FONT><FONT SIZE="2">site is owned by</FONT><FONT SIZE="2"> 
<A HREF="mailto:***SITE EMAIL***"><FONT SIZE="2">***SITE TITLE***</FONT></A></FONT><FONT SIZE="2">. </FONT><FONT SIZE="2"><BR>
<FONT SIZE="2">Want to join the</FONT><FONT SIZE="2"> 
<A HREF="Http://" target="_top">Catholic
Moms on the Internet</A>?</FONT> <BR>
<FONT SIZE="2"><B>[<A HREF=";id=***SITE ID***;action=sprev" target="_top">Skip
Prev</A>] [<A HREF=";id=***SITE ID***;action=prev" target="_top">Prev</A>] 
[<A HREF=";id=***SITE ID***;action=next" target="_top">Next</A>]
[<A HREF=";id=***SITE ID***;action=skip" target="_top">Skip
Next</A>] [<A HREF=";action=rand" target="_top">Random</A>] 
[<A HREF=";id=***SITE ID***;action=next5" target="_top">Next
5</A>] [<A HREF=";action=list" target="_top">List
Sites</A>] </B></FONT></FONT><FONT SIZE="2"><FONT SIZE="2"><B></B></FONT></FONT></P>
<A HREF=";id=***SITE ID***;action=next" target="_top">
<IMG SRC="cathnext.jpg" ALIGN="RIGHT"></A></FONT></TD>
  * You will need to put your SITE ID in Number form (FOR EXAMPLE: If your site ID is # 1 all you do it put 1 just a number 1). You will need to put your site ID where it says _SITE_ID_HERE_ so that it says "1" (no quotes)

* You will need to put your E-mail address where it says "mailto:SITE_OWNER_EMAIL_ so that it will say "mail " (just an example)

* Next following that you will need to put your name where it says Your_name_here_

This is the source code you will need to add to your page and the 2 images you will need to save to your hard drive and upload to your server. In Netscape or Internet explorer all you do is right click on the images.
[Save image as cathmomlogo.jpg] [Save image as cathnext.jpg]        Click HERE to see what the finished code will look like when done correctly on your page.
Questions??    Email me at:
Suggestions for the site? 
Use Our Feedback Form
This is what the source code will look like when displayed on your page Properly.
Where you see my name your name will be there. You can place this wherever
 you wish on your home page. You may customize the colors to fit your homepage scheme. NOTE: Make sure you copy the pictures to your own hard drive! 
Do not link to these pictures... it will use up our bandwidth. Thanks & God Bless!

Copyright © by Catholic Moms Place for Fellowship, Family Management, Fun Ideas All Right Reserved.

Published on: 2006-01-03 (5163 reads)

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