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 general: More on Hogwarts Dumbledore's Homosexuality

Interesting Events and News StoriesAnonymous writes "More on Hogwarts
Dumbledore's Homosexuality Has No Textual Basis

By Elizabeth Lev

ROME, NOV. 15, 2007 ( In the wake of my last column, I received a deluge of e-mail regarding the piece on J.K. Rowlings' betrayal of her readers. I pointed out that declaring one of the principal characters, Dumbledore, to be homosexual after having sold millions of books to children is a deceitful act.

The responses to this piece were very revealing. I was duly chastised by those who had never succumbed to the books, who noted that secularist literature was bound to carry "a sting in its tail."

Most ZENIT readers, from teenagers to grandparents, responded with brief and enthusiastic messages. Others, however, criticized the harsh tone I took in the piece, interpreting this as lack of charity toward my homosexual Christian brothers and sisters.

The column was about Rowling and her deceptive behavior, not Dumbledore, who is a fictional character. Any struggles with his sexuality or decision to live chastely are merely figments of the reader's imagination, since they aren't even hinted at in the text.

The character only exists insofar as what Rowling describes on the pages. We don't know what he does when not appearing in the chapters. In her seven books, Rowling developed her headmaster as a devoted teacher and a moral anchor when it comes to good and evil. To add a sexual dimension to the character is not only untruthful, but also tricky.

What if, at her next conference, she announces that Dumbledore had a few homosexual experiences when a young man at Hogwarts? What if she then reveals a tortured double life he was forced to lead away from judgmental eyes? Once you've opened the door to an aspect unsupported by the text, anything becomes possible.

Which brings me back to the point. This is not about Dumbledore, this is a piece about the integrity of an author who wrote books for children and then decided to pander to her adult audience.

Rowling is an artist. She transmitted a captivating vision of an imaginary world through her words and storytelling. To retroactively try to use her art as propaganda is like pop stars discussing politics.

Homosexual, by definition, contains an erotic element. It defines not merely the feeling of affection or love for a person of the same sex, but a physical desire. It introduces a sexual dimension which is not only unnecessary, but inappropriate for children's books.

Rowling's magical world has no homosexual dimension. There aren't even unmarried people living together. Thousands of parents combed the text looking for inappropriate moral models while Rowling wisely remained silent about all of her characters’ sexuality. The sudden addition of a sexual element has no root in the magical world she created.

The exegesis of Dumbledore's admission that he was strongly influenced by a close friend makes a sad commentary on how our age has reverted to the pagan era of equating love with sensuality.

In the final book when Dumbledore admits to Harry that he was swayed by his friend, he says, "You have no idea of how much his words inflamed me." Silly me, I thought of my old art history teacher and how I moved to another country to study with her.

What never occurred to me was that Dumbledore was describing a sexual longing. Not a crush, which does not a homosexual make, but desire for physical union with another man. How disappointing that Rowling, so creative and brilliant in other matters, should reduce this to a matter of sexuality.

Most of the critical letters were framed in charitable terms, but a few e-mails, ostentatiously signed by Ph.D.s or professors, illustrated the error of my ways in patronizing tones I would not take with even my most recalcitrant students.

I didn't write the piece for academics, but for Christian parents, pastors and children, who feel rightly betrayed. It was a word of solidarity to people who work and live at the frenetic pace of this age and who find challenges to good Christian formation at every turn.

Rowling took their money, seduced their children and then tried to influence their offspring into thinking about, and ultimately embracing homosexuality.

Sophistry and the doublespeak of tolerance try to confound harried parents who want to live the Christian mission to love, but the good people who were let down by Rowling should not be made to feel "homophobic" or less Christian because they denounce what was a wrongful act on the part of a children's author. Nor should they be belittled as if their Christian conscience were no match for the sophisticated arguments of the intelligentsia.

Elizabeth Lev teaches Christian Art and Architecture at Duquesne University’s Italian campus. She can be reached at

Posted by me on Monday, March 17 @ 14:12:08 CDT (3340 reads)
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 general: FREE John Paul II DVD Promotion at the

Anonymous writes "Dear Catholic Moms Forum Members,

We have had some technical problems in sending out announcements and hopefully we have it fixed this time!

I wanted to pass this along since many in our forum have a devotion to our Beloved Pope John Paul II. The has a great Labor Day Special going on. With any purchase of $30 or more you get your choice of a Pope John Paul II DVD which is a $19.95 value. You can go to the or click on this link to find out more:

Statesman of Faith ( by A&E):

Join BIOGRAPHY® and host Harry Smith in a touching memorial to one of the world's great icons of peace, His Holiness, Pope John Paul II.

For over 25 years Pope John Paul II stood as the most popular pontiff in history, a spiritual compass to almost a billion Catholics worldwide, and a powerful symbol of peace to countless others.

Considered an outsider choice for the papacy in 1978, Karol Jozef Wojtyla led over 16.7 million people in worship, met nearly 700 heads of state, survived an assassination attempt, and helped facilitate the end of Communism in the Soviet Union. With interviews of childhood friends, colleagues and Vatican officials, this is the complete story of Pope John Paul II's remarkable life. From his carefree youth in Poland to his human rights activism to his late struggles with Parkinson's Disease, the compassion and inspiration of the most traveled Pope in history is portrayed in its entirety.

Seed of Faith:

"The Seed of Faith" is a dramatic, emotion filled film which explores worldwide situations where hope and faith is the key to survival. The film features never before seen footage captured by ordinary people caught up in extraordinary events such as the tragedy of September 11, 2001. This powerful piece is driven by the words of Pope John Paul II himself. The captivating visuals provide a moving portrait into the lives of those devastated by the Tsunami Disaster as well as deliver the message of hope and faith in an economically challenged Africa. Rare photographs and archival footage lend to the insight of the amazing journey of Pope John Paul II from his humble beginnings in Poland to his spiritual journey to Pontiff. Witness his heart and his mind as he forgives the assailant that shot him. Understanding his message and you will see why many believe that he is one of the greatest men of the twentieth century. Written by Anonymous

Quanitites are limited, so if you are interested.... PLEASE HURRY!!!

Have a Blessed Day,
Renee Winkeljohn and"

Posted by me on Friday, August 31 @ 15:33:19 CDT (2610 reads)
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