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 Catholics Can’t Vote for Pro-Abortion Candidates

Interesting Events and News StoriesAnonymous writes "
Whether it’s an election year or not, I see to it that Priests for Life echoes loud and clear the duty of citizens to inform themselves about where the candidates stand on the issues. This evaluation starts, of course, with where they stand on violence against human beings, because if public servants cannot tell the difference between serving the public and killing the public, they don’t belong in public office.

What if a candidate supported terrorism? Would citizens say, “Well, I disagree with you on terrorism, but what’s your health care plan? Maybe we can work together on some social programs. After all, terrorism isn’t the only issue.”

The parallel, of course, is abortion. “Typically, the skull is brought out in fragments rather than as a unified piece” (Baby-killer Martin Haskell, in 1999 Court testimony in Wisconsin, regarding legal abortion). How can anyone make the case that this skull-cracking, which is still legal, is less violent than terrorism? How can anyone make the case that we can tolerate it while we work with the candidate on “social” programs? The heart of what is “social” is that it respects the other person – and that means not cracking their skull. We fight terrorism, and rightly so. But when we allow abortion at the same time, the evil we fight becomes merely a reflection of the evil we do.

And it’s not only the position of the candidates that matters. It’s also the position of the political party to which the candidate belongs. Elections bring not only candidates, but parties into power. How can the position of those parties on key issues not matter as we evaluate whom we will support?

Many will support a particular party because it’s a family tradition (or a Church tradition?), or because they are in bed with leaders in that party who support their social programs in exchange for their silence on baby-killing. That’s often the reason for the perplexing spinelessness often observed among Church leaders on the abortion issue.

In an interview conducted by Gianni Cardinale and published in October of 2008, now Cardinal Raymond Burke observed, “At this point, the Democratic Party risks transforming itself definitively into a ‘party of death’ due to its choices on bioethical issues.”

Not only is this an accurate observation, but it’s perfectly legitimate to say, even in Church. I know, because Priests for Life passed IRS scrutiny on these points. After all, it is a spiritual work of mercy to “instruct the ignorant.” That’s why at Priests for Life we have information both about candidates and political parties, and how to evaluate them. See

When I preach – and help other priests to preach – the clear message that candidates and parties must defend life, some – including clergy – complain to me that my message hurts their favorite candidate or party. My response? “Go tell your favorite candidate or party to get the babies’ blood off their hands and clean up their act regarding defending life. Then my words won’t hurt them anymore.” Note: Father Frank Pavone is the national director for Priests for Life.


Posted by me on Wednesday, September 28 @ 14:31:38 CDT (5464 reads)
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 Critics Blast Obama's Scheduled Notre Dame Commencement Address

Interesting Events and News StoriesAnonymous writes "

Tue Mar 24, 2009 1:31 pm (PDT)

Critics Blast Obama's Scheduled Notre Dame Commencement Address

Nearly 65,000 people have signed an online petition protesting
President Obama's scheduled commencement address at the
University of Notre Dame, citing the president's views on
abortion and stem cell research that "directly contradict" Roman
Catholic teachings.

By Joshua Rhett Miller

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nearly 65,000 people have signed an online petition protesting
President Obama's scheduled May 17 commencement address at the
University of Notre Dame, saying the president's views on
abortion and stem cell research "directly contradict" Roman
Catholic teachings.

"It is an outrage and a scandal that 'Our Lady's University,' one
of the premier Catholic universities in the United States, would
bestow such an honor on President Obama given his clear support
for policies and laws that directly contradict fundamental
Catholic teachings on life and marriage," the petition at reads.

The Cardinal Newman Society, an advocacy group for strengthening
ideals at the nation's 224 Catholic colleges and universities,
created the Web site to end what it calls the "travesty" of
Obama's selection. The petition, which had garnered 64,051
signatures as of midday Tuesday, asserts that thousands of other
"accomplished leaders" in business, law or education would have
been more appropriate selections. The group says it is sending
the list to an independent firm Wednesday to ensure that there
are no duplicate names.

"Instead Notre Dame has chosen prestige over principles,
popularity over morality," the petition reads. "Whatever may be
President Obama's admirable qualities, this honor comes on the
heels of some of the most anti-life actions of any American
president, including expanding federal funding for abortions and
inviting taxpayer-funded research on stem cells from human

David Constanzo, communications director for the Cardinal Newman
Society, said Notre Dame's tradition of inviting sitting U.S.
presidents to its commencement should be rethought.

"There is a time when policies need to be reconsidered in light
of the fact that the individual invited may have a history of
standing in direct opposition to some of the most prominent
aspects of our faith -- the biggest case in point is that of the
pro-life agenda," Constanzo said. "The obligation of Notre Dame
as a Catholic institution is to follow the directives of the U.S.
Conference of Catholic Bishops, who clearly stated in 2004 that
Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance
of our fundamental moral principles."

Meanwhile, the Bishop of Fort Wayne-South Bend has indicated he
will not attend the commencement ceremony.

"President Obama has recently reaffirmed, and has now placed in
public policy, his long-stated unwillingness to hold human life
as sacred," Bishop John D'Arcy said in a statement issued
Tuesday. "While claiming to separate politics from science, he
has in fact separated science from ethics and has brought the
American government, for the first time in history, into
supporting direct destruction of innocent human life."

D'Arcy said he learned that Obama had accepted Notre Dame's
invitation just before White House officials announced the move
on Friday.

"I wish no disrespect to our president, I pray for him and wish
him well," the statement continued. "I have always revered the
Office of the Presidency. But a bishop must teach the Catholic
faith 'in season and out of season,' and he teaches not only by
his words -- but by his actions."

George Weigel, a Catholic theologian and distinguished senior
fellow of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, said the
invitation is not a "neutral act" and will significantly damage
Notre Dame's reputation in Catholic circles following Obama's
decision to reverse restrictions on embryonic stem cell research
and for family planning groups that provide abortions.

"I think Notre Dame should not have issued the invitation,"
Weigel told "This is a colossal mess. This is their
mess to fix right now, but they should know that they have
forfeited an enormous amount of credibility as an institution
that takes moral reasoning seriously."

Weigel said he was not surprised by the outpouring of criticism
following the university's announcement on Friday that Obama
would become sixth U.S. president to speak at its commencement.
Obama will also become the ninth U.S. president to receive an
honorary degree from the university.

"Major donors have the most effective leverage in situations like
this," Weigel said. "I hope the donors are paying attention."

Asked if Notre Dame is considering rescinding its invitation to
Obama, university spokesman Dennis Brown said Tuesday: "I can't
foresee that occurring. We made an invitation to the president
and he's accepted. We expected criticism and it's nothing beyond
what we expected."

The White House did not immediately reply to a request for

In a statement issued Monday, the Rev. John Jenkins, Notre Dame's
president, said Obama will be honored as an "inspiring leader" at
the commencement.

"Of course, this does not mean we support all of his positions,"
Jenkins said. "The invitation to President Obama to be our
Commencement speaker should not be taken as condoning or
endorsing his positions on specific issues regarding the
protection of human life, including abortion and embryonic stem
cell research. Yet, we see his visit as a basis for further
positive engagement."

But Ralph McInerny, a philosophy professor at Notre Dame for more
than 50 years, likened the invitation as a "deliberate thumbing
of the collective nose" at the Roman Catholic Church.

"By inviting Barack Obama to be the 2009 commencement speaker,
Notre Dame has forfeited its right to call itself a Catholic
university," McInerny wrote in a column for The Catholic Thing.
"It invites an official rebuke. May it come."


Posted by me on Wednesday, March 25 @ 13:24:09 CDT (8864 reads)
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Interesting Events and News StoriesAnonymous writes "
Tue Mar 24, 2009 1:39 pm (PDT)


For immediate release:
For more information:

Tuesday, March 23, 2009
Derrick Jones, (202) 626-8825


WASHINGTON Today the National Right to Life Committee, the
nation's largest pro-life organization, called upon University of
Notre Dame president Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., to rescind the
University's invitation to Barack Obama to speak at Notre Dame's
commencement May 17.

"Notre Dame's invitation to the most pro-abortion president in
U.S. history is a betrayal of the University's mission and an
affront to all who believe in the sanctity and dignity of human
life," said Anthony J. Lauinger, National Right to Life
Vice-President (and father of seven Notre Dame alumni and one
current student.) "We call upon Father Jenkins to rescind the
invitation and stand up for the millions of unborn children who
face death under Obama Administration policies."

In a letter to Father Jenkins, Mr. Lauinger pointed out that,
through words and actions, Barack Obama has launched a
comprehensive anti-life agenda that targets decades of
life-saving policies while treating the views of pro-life
Americans with complete contempt. The full text of Mr. Lauinger's
letter is printed below.

"As a Notre Dame parent and supporter, I am outraged by this
invitation to Barack Obama. I have apologized to my eight
children for the poor guidance I provided them when I encouraged
them to enroll at Notre Dame," Lauinger said.

The National Right to Life Committee is the nation's largest
pro-life group with affiliates in all 50 states and over 3,000
local chapters nationwide. National Right to Life works through
legislation and education to protect those threatened by
abortion, infanticide, euthanasia and assisted suicide.

The text of Mr. Lauinger's letter to Father Jenkins:

Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.
University of Notre Dame

Dear Father Jenkins,

In your January 27 letter to my wife Phyllis and me, you
thanked us for support "for our (Notre Dame's) most essential,
and mission-bound, priorities." In the wake of the commencement
announcement regarding Barack Obama, I am compelled to ask
whether Notre Dame recognizes what those priorities are
Disillusionment, incredulity, betrayal all describe my feelings.
I am left questioning my own judgment in having encouraged our
eight children to go to Notre Dame.

Abortion is the unspeakable evil that causes my outrage
abortion and the fact that Barack Obama is the Abortion
President. His first two months in office have constituted an
all-out assault on the unborn child.

Not content with legal abortion-on-demand in this country,
he seeks to foist the same policy on the rest of the world by
rescinding the Mexico City Policy, which previously kept U.S. tax
dollars from funding groups working to subvert the pro-life laws
of countries overseas; and he seeks to export abortion around the
world through his policies and appointments at the United
Nations, including providing U.S. funding to the United Nations
Population Fund, actively involved in China's coerced-abortion

Not content with Roe v. Wade, he champions the "Freedom of
Choice Act," which would nullify some five hundred state and
federal laws which impose modest, limited regulations on the
unfettered right to abortion. Signing the "Freedom of Choice Act"
would be "the first thing I'd do as president," he promised the
Planned Parenthood Action Fund. See his promise in this short
video clip:

Not content with having pro-abortion doctors perform
abortions, President Obama has announced he will rescind the
Conscience Rule which protects the rights of pro-life doctors and
nurses to refuse to participate in abortions or other killing
procedures on religious or moral grounds. Cardinal Francis
George, President of the United States Conference of Catholic
Bishops, is urging Catholics to tell the Obama Administration to
retain conscience protections for health-care workers.

Two weeks ago, the President signed an executive order
reversing a ban on federal funding of embryo-destructive stem
cell research. The policy that had been in effect the past eight
years protected American taxpayers from being complicit in the
killing of embryonic human beings for purposes of harvesting
their stem cells. Embryo-killing stem-cell research, the act of
destroying living members of our species, homo sapiens, in order
to provide raw material for experimentation, has never benefited
a single human patient, whereas adult stem cells have benefited
patients suffering from more than 70 different disorders.

On the same day he authorized federal funding of
embryo-killing research, the President rescinded a policy that
had been providing federal funding for alternative methods of
obtaining pluripotent stem cells through "cell reprogramming," in
which ordinary human skin and other cells are transformed into
"induced pluripotent stem cells." This breakthrough, which does
not require destroying human embryos, was deemed so important
that the journal Science named it the scientific breakthrough of
the year for 2008.

The President's appointments to key White House and cabinet
positions have had extreme pro-abortion records: Chief of Staff
Rahm Emanuel, former congressman with a 100% pro-abortion record;
Domestic Policy Adviser Melody Barnes, previous board member of
the Planned Parenthood Action Fund; Communications Director Ellen
Moran, former executive director of the pro-abortion group
EMILY's List; Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen
Sebelius, the radically pro-abortion former governor of Kansas:
Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Margaret Hamburg;
Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Counsel Dawn
Johnsen, the former legal director of the National Abortion
Rights Action League... These are but a small handful of

One of the many problems caused by Notre Dame's decision to
honor the man doing more to destroy unborn children than anyone
else on the face of the earth is the scandal to which it gives
rise: to our own students; to Catholics across the country and
beyond; to those of us who thought Notre Dame stood for something
special; to everyone who believed Our Lady's University aspired
to values higher than the approval of a debased secular culture.

Father, I have attached, above, a joint statement on
Faithful Citizenship by Bishop Kevin Vann and Bishop Kevin
Farrell, the bishops of Fort Worth and Dallas, respectively.
Their letter puts the worth and dignity of human life in proper

Finally, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops'
document, "Catholics in Political Life," offers this exhortation:
"The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not
honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral
principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms
which would suggest support for their actions." I would submit
that what is planned for May 17 is a classic example of precisely
the type of scandal the bishops direct us to avoid.

I apologized today to my eight children for the poor
guidance I provided them when I encouraged them to enroll at Our
Lady's University, and for having misled them, and myself, about
what I believed to be the core values of Notre Dame.

Anthony J. Lauinger
Tulsa, Oklahoma


Posted by me on Wednesday, March 25 @ 13:23:48 CDT (8352 reads)
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 20,000 troops to America?

Interesting Events and News StoriesAnonymous writes "Glenn Beck:
[Insider] Audio Available:

December 1, 2008 - 13:11 ET
Pentagon to deploy 20,00 troops inside USA...

GLENN: You know, I was going to talk a little bit about India and Pakistan but I want to change because there's a breaking headline now on Drudge. While the rest of the world is going to pay attention today to Barack Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton and they are going to make this the big story, the big story today, at least for those people that are following the world, should be Pentagon to deploy 20,000 troops inside the U.S. for domestic security.

I told you this story two months ago? Was it two months ago, Joe, when I first found this story. And I said on the air this cannot be true. It can't be true. The only source I could find on that day was in Stars and Stripes and I knew that Stars and Stripes wasn't going to print something about the troops that wasn't true, and I brought that story to you. Now, these guys are being deployed for security for chemical, biological, terrorist activity, natural disaster. But this is what the National Guard is for. The reason why our founding fathers said there would be no standing army is because the federal government has no place in your town. The power to order troops, the power to be able to have people with weapons in your neighborhood must not ever be in the hands of the President or the congress. It must be in the hand of the individual governors. Our founders knew this. 20,000 -- this is a battalion. This is something entirely new.

Now let me ask you this question: Why? They are going to give you all kinds of stories. If anybody really rises up and says anything, if anybody in the media is anything but mindless sheep, they will see exactly what this is but they'll -- I'm sure. I mean, they will go after, you know, they will go after the most ridiculous stories on the planet but when it really comes down to it, they seem to not understand. They seem just to buy the government's excuses on so many things.

When I'm at these book signings, we had a bunch of Constitutions. I bought a bunch of Constitutions from the Constitution Center in Philadelphia and I'm handing them out to anybody who is in the Service and I've signed each one of them and they are little pocket Constitutions and they come up to me. And if they mention the service or I ask people before the book signings, if you are in the Service, introduce yourself. I give them a Constitution and I shake their hand and I look them right straight in the eye and I say, we are counting on you to know this. This is for domestic security. Well, what exactly is domestic security and how many steps does it take before you say domestic security is for martial law? What has to happen? Does anybody see the powder keg that we're sitting on? We are sitting on a powder keg. All that somebody has to do is do something stupid and the place goes up like a match. And I'm telling you our government knows. No one is telling you the truth, but I'm telling you I know what I know, and I know that I know and these people -- I'm not the smartest guy in the bunch. I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I'm not some war gamer. I'm not some, you know, somebody who is -- they would never hire me to put puzzles together, for the love of Pete, at a puzzle store and somehow or another I can see all of these pieces come together and no one else can? Bullcrap. They see it and this is why 20,000 troops are being deployed here in the United States of America. Gang, I warn you fascism is coming and it has nothing to do -- listen to me carefully. It has nothing to do with Barack Obama. Remember this has happened under George Bush's watch. I am not a conspiracy nut. I don't believe in the Star Chamber. I don't believe that there are things going on where these dark meetings are happening. I don't believe any of that. People just keep taking steps one after another because we have to do this. Somebody knows that we are sitting on a powder keg in this country. Somebody knows that we better take precautions because this thing, with the economy -- I'm telling you, I am telling you, I hope to God I'm wrong. I hope in twelve months, A, I'm still on the air; and B, that I can come to you -- mark this -- Stu, you have your calendar. Put this in your calendar.

STU: Okay.

GLENN: That I hope I can come to you today and say -- I mean a year from today I want to be able to go on the air and say I was wrong about the economy; it looks exactly the same as it did last year. I hope to God I can say that to you, but I'm telling you alarm bells are going off in me and they are getting louder and louder and louder and I don't think you are going to recognize this country or its economy next year. And when the economy starts to go, people are going to get more and more desperate, more and more hungry, more and more worried, more and more into conspiracy theories. You have something like what happened over in India a year from now and I think even today, this country has a possibility of turning on itself and we must root ourself in the Constitution. And listen to me and please preach this, say this as much as you can to anyone that listens. This is not a Democrat/Republican thing. This is not Barack Obama is the bad guy and George Bush was the savior. George Bush is the guy who started this ball rolling and Barack Obama is going to continue rolling it. This is a Democrat/Republican political parties both taking us down the same damn road. This is both of them. This is not a problem with the Republicans, it is not a problem with the Democrats. It is an American problem, and Americans will need to solve it. Americans are going to have to solve it by standing their ground. Americans are going to have to say "Excuse me?" And you will not be able to do that unless you are -- unless, A, you know what we are, you know who we are, you know what we're founded on, you know what the Constitution says. Gang, eternal repercussions if we lose liberty. Eternal repercussions. It is in our -- this is our watch. You are a watchman on the tower if you see it coming. The blood of everyone who you could have woken up and said "Storm coming" will be on your hands. If you ring the bell, if you say to people "Prepare, find who you are, find out what we are, keep peace in our heart. Please don't tear each other apart. When an event happens, be a peacemaker." If you don't do those things, all those that you could have alerted, their blood, going to be on your hands for eternity. Those people who won't wake up, you did your job. You've got to move on and wake up others. And I know there are a lot of people that are listening right now and saying to me, "Oh, Glenn, you are such a fearmonger. Oh, Glenn, oh, please, the sky is falling, the sky is falling." Let me tell you something. I wish you could stand in line and meet the people that I have met in the last three weeks as I go from city to city and shake their hand in these bookstores and time and time and time and time again people come up to me: "I saved my savings, I saved $10,000, I saved $20,000." One guy told me last night, "I saved $350,000 because of you. I would have lost $350,000, but you know what? I was listening to you and something in my gut said, you know what, you better take that seriously. I did, and I got my money out. While everyone else was saying, oh, no, stay in, oh, no, invest more." You pray on it. Don't take my word for it. You've got to do your own homework, but you must understand the people in the media, they don't get it. The people in the media, they are not looking at the bigger picture.

You know what, for so many people in the media, their agenda is either liberalism or on the other side I believe their agenda is the parties, the Republican party or the Democratic party. And for those that don't have an agenda, it's just a job, man. It's just a job. I'll tell you why I'm in it. Because believe me, I don't want to be in it. I've told you before I'm ready, man. I'm ready to go live in the side of a mountain, you know, and have a farm and raise some cows and, ooof, all the stuff I swore I never wanted to do, I want to do it. I just want to raise my kids and just have a nice life and just lead a normal life. That's what I want to do. I ain't doing it because I know what time we live in. And if you know what time you live in, you've got to do the hard things. And just because of the times we're living in, let me be very clear on what those things are. If you hear any message other than "Be a peacemaker," if you hear any message that leads you in any direction of hatred, you're on the wrong path. It's a new day, gang, and you're about to enter a new world. Yesterday's thoughts I don't believe apply. What you thought your life was going to be like in five years, I really don't believe it applies anymore. That doesn't mean you stop. I'm still planning on all kinds of things for the next few years. I'm still planning on doing these things and that thing. We're working on projects and we're doing everything because you know what? As I said at the beginning, I hope to God that I'm wrong, and with God's grace and with Americans being Americans and Americans really saying, "Okay," without the tragedy, because this tragedy comes, whatever it is, God help us all, it is going to change things in the blink of an eye, if we can just be those September 12th people, before the tragedy. We're going to be fine. We're going to be fine. But we are so fragile right now, and I don't care what they tell you. They ain't preparing for another Hurricane Katrina. The Pentagon is deploying 20,000 troops inside the U.S. for domestic security. I'm sorry, but I'm trying to figure out how that one works exactly, and that's not Barack Obama doing it. That's George Bush doing it. How exactly are we deploying those troops? Are they under the President's power? Because I don't want George Bush or Barack Obama, I don't want Ronald Reagan controlling the troops inside the country. You don't do that, period. The federal government does not deploy troops for domestic security. The governor does it with the National Guard. They answer to the states. You cannot allow them to have that control. If our federal government, God forbid we get our hands on a dictator, God forbid -- and I know people said to me ten years ago, "Oh, Glenn, we'll never..." gang, we're on the eve of it. I'm not saying it's Barack Obama. Hell, it could be Sarah Palin in four years that does it. But I'm telling you we're on the eve of fascism. And if you give these people power now or in the next two weeks, the next four years, the next eight years, I'm telling you, you get the wrong person in there and you get a crisis situation and that person can grab power. And it is what many people have wanted to happen since Mussolini was in office. A benevolent dictator. Because capitalism, this republic doesn't really work. Read the words of some former Presidents including Wilson and FDR that everybody loves so much. Prepare. Prepare your heart and prepare your mind and prepare your children. Know what you know, know who you are and know that it is essential that you're a peacemaker today.

Find this article at:

Washington Post article:


Posted by me on Tuesday, December 02 @ 16:13:31 CST (8426 reads)
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 Bishop Warns of Obama’s Promise to Implement Extreme “Freedom of Choice Act”

Interesting Events and News StoriesAnonymous writes "Bishop Warns of Obama’s Promise to Implement Extreme “Freedom of Choice Act”

By Jonquil Frankham
PATERSON, New Jersey, October 21, 2008 ( –

Bishop Arthur Serratelli of Paterson, NJ penned a column for his diocesan website this week, warning his diocese of the possible implementation of the radical Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), particularly under a possible Obama presidency.

In the article Bishop Serratelli compares Barack Obama to King Herod, the king during the life of Christ who ordered the beheading of John the Baptist in order to keep a promise he had made to Salome. Much like Herod, writes Serratelli, Obama has made a promise - to pass the Freedom of Choice Act. However, should Obama keep this promise, “not only will many of our freedoms as Americans be taken from us, but the innocent and vulnerable will spill their blood.”

The Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) is a bill introduced in the United States Congress in 2004. It would remove all restrictions on abortion in the United States, both on the state and federal level. “FOCA goes far beyond guaranteeing the right to an abortion throughout the nine months of pregnancy. It arrogantly prohibits any law or policy interfering with that right,” says Bishop Serratelli. This is the “dark reality” kept secret by propagandists for ‘choice.’

The bill is strongly supported by presidential candidate Barack Obama, who promised in a speech for Planned Parenthood that “the first thing he would do as President would be to sign the Freedom of Choice Act.”

Among those no longer free to choose under FOCA, says the bishop, would be pro-life doctors and nurses, whose freedom of conscience is currently protected under the law. Religious hospitals and clinics would also be forced to perform abortions up until the birth of the baby.
NARAL America presents the bill as a systematic presentation of Roe vs. Wade, but opponents like Bishop Serratelli note that it would eliminate those restrictions the 1973 court case allowed, such as parental consent, waiting periods, information for mothers regarding emotional and psychological dangers, and restrictions on late-term abortions.

The bishop hails the death of freedom, should FOCA get passed. “Gone the freedom of conscience so essential for a civil society,” the bishop tells his readers. “Gone the freedom of women and young girls to have all the information they need to make their own choices!”

The bill would also “force taxpayers to fund abortions,” thereby nullifying the fundamental American policy of taxation with representation. It would also “redefine a woman’s ‘health’ so as to expressly permit post-viability abortions.” The bishop clarifies, “Thus, a child who survives an abortion can be left to die for the health of the mother … This is infanticide. Gone the freedom of her baby, once born, to live!”

Pro-Abortion advocates’ “zeal for the Freedom of Choice Act,” Bishop Serratelli writes, “sounds the alarm for decent Americans to wake up! The more the right to life is denied, the more we lose our freedoms. The ‘pro-choice’ movement is not pro-choice. It stands against the freedom to choose what is right according to the truth of the human person... At this point, we are still free to choose!”

You may find the bishop’s column at"

Posted by me on Wednesday, October 22 @ 17:50:18 CDT (9910 reads)
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 Take Action!: A Call for a Rosary Novena By Fr. John Corapi

Interesting Events and News StoriesAnonymous writes "A Call for a Rosary Novena By Fr. John Corapi

Among the most important titles we have in the Catholic Church for the Blessed Virgin Mary are Our Lady of Victory and Our Lady of the Rosary.

These titles can be traced back to one of the most decisive times in the history of the world and Christendom. The Battle of Lepanto took place on October 7 (date of feast of Our Lady of Rosary), 1571. This proved to be the most crucial battle for the Christian forces against the radical Muslim navy of Turkey.

Pope Pius V led a procession around St.
Peter’s Square in Vatican City praying the Rosary. He showed true pastoral leadership in recognizing the danger posed to Christendom by the radical Muslim forces, and in using the means necessary to defeat it. Spiritual battles require spiritual weapons, and this more than anything was a battle that had its origins in the spiritual order—a true battle between good and evil.

Today we have a similar spiritual battle in progress—a battle between the forces of good and evil, light and darkness, truth and lies, life and death. If we do not soon stop the genocide of abortion in the United States, we shall run the course of all those that prove by their actions that they are enemies of God—total collapse, economic, social, and national. The moral demise of a nation results in the ultimate demise of a nation. God is not a disinterested spectator to the affairs of man. Life begins at conception.

This is an unalterable formal teaching of the Catholic Church. If you do not accept this you are a heretic in plain English.

A single abortion is homicide. The more than 48,000,000 abortions since Roe v. Wade in the United States constitute genocide by definition. The group singled out for death—unwanted, unborn children.

No other issue, not all other issues taken together, can constitute a proportionate reason for voting for candidates that intend to preserve and defend this holocaust of innocent human life that is abortion.

I strongly urge every one of you to make a Novena and pray the Rosary to Our Lady of Victory between October 27th and Election Day, November 4th. Pray that God’s will be done and the most innocent and utterly vulnerable of our brothers and sisters will be protected from this barbaric and grossly sinful blight on society that is abortion. No woman, and no man, has the right to choose to murder an innocent human being.

May God grant us the wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and counsel to form our conscience in accordance with authentic Catholic teaching, and then vote that well-formed Catholic conscience.

Please copy, email, link and distribute this article freely.

God Bless You Fr. John Corapi

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 Oprah and All Her Works and All Her Empty Promises

Interesting Events and News StoriesAnonymous writes "Fr. Tom Euteneuer: Oprah and All Her Works and All Her Empty Promises

Spirit & Life

"The words I spoke to you are spirit and life." (Jn 6:63)

Oprah and All Her Works and All Her Empty Promises

Of late I am increasingly frightened by something I see happening in our culture: it is the seeming superficial-ization of everything in American life to the point of absurdity and deception. The prime culprit of course is the ubiquitous mass media (especially 24-hour cable programming and the internet) and its constant dumbing down of the American consciousness to the lowest common denominator of the most tantalizing sound bites and images. The other bad boy is the interminable chatter/commentary by clever cultural sharpshooters: it's so bad sometimes that it makes me wonder if we can actually pull ourselves out of our co-dependence upon charlatans. What makes my priest's heart so heavy is that I think our society is going down the path of deep spiritual degradation, and it doesn't look like this trend will be ending any time soon. Certainly not in an election season.

Case in point: Oprah. Our country's richest woman is easily one of the most spiritually bankrupt people in America and also one of the most shockingly popular. How does a New Age con artist like Oprah get so many people to literally adore her? She did not make $260 million last year by feeding people solid food. She deals in fads, feelings and frauds - it's that simple - and apparently she is very effective at convincing people to follow her well-packaged crock of nonsense. Of a recent political speech, she admitted fawningly that she had "cried her eyelashes off" when she heard it, and I am sure her crocodile tears were persuasive to her vast audience. For people schooled in the truth, the reaction would be very different: I saw the same speech and could barely keep myself from throwing up, but they don't pay me $260 million a year.

When asked why she refused to interview her anointed one's political opponent, she balked and got caught in a nasty public relations double-bind which is what usually happens to people who play games with their own popularity. Her refusal would have been easier to swallow if she had just said simply that she didn't like the other candidate and didn't want her on the show; that we can accept! But then again, basic honesty is probably above Oprah's pay grade. The truth is that Oprah has put her social clout to partisan political use, and when she was called on to be fair, she just couldn't admit that she was playing the political hack.

I do think Oprah's menace is fundamentally spiritual though, and that it feeds off the growing spiritual superficiality of the American populace. Its treachery is not to be underestimated. Oprah not only believes in but forcefully advocates pernicious New Age trends like Helen Schucman's A Course In Miracles and Eckhart Tolle's terrible esoteric movement that is trampling down Christian values and opening up a spiritual vacuum in the hearts of millions as we speak. Having the life sucked out of our souls by spiritually bankrupt "celebrities" is a slow spiritual death, to put it mildly. However, Oprah is just the worst case scenario of what is reaching epidemic proportions in a personality-obsessed, spiritually infantile and media-saturated culture. The most popular show in American prime-time is not called "American Idol" for nothing: we are literally becoming a nation of idol-worshippers.

What can we do about all the deceptive cultural garbage clamoring to fill our vulnerable souls? Well, the Church has always had the answer and never ceases to instruct us in the discipline that will bring our souls down that "narrow way" of Christ. We are to "reject Satan and all his works and all his empty promises" - that would include all his idols too. We are to consume the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth and say "yes" when we mean "yes" and "no" when we mean "no." As Jesus said, "everything else is from the devil.""

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 Sarah Palin, An American Original

Interesting Events and News StoriesAnonymous writes "PRI Weekly Briefing: Sarah Palin, An American Original

by Steven W. Mosher

On the corner of Euclid and Foothill Boulevards in Upland, California, stands a statue of a pioneer woman. She is striding forward, carrying a baby in her left arm and a rifle in her right. Clinging to her skirts for protection is a small boy.

At 10 feet tall, erected on an eight foot base, the statue looms larger than life, embodying in granite the sheer grit that settled the Great Plains and the West Coast. But it is the character written on the woman's face that catches the eye. For it is the kind and open face of a woman who accepts her responsibilities and is marching to meet them, trusting in God.

I thought of the Madonna of the Trail, as she is called, as I read the vitriol being heaped upon Sarah Palin by the Democrats and their allies in the media. The distortions of her record, the ridiculing of her background, and the outright attacks on her family have reached incredible proportions. Her firing of her public safety commissioner over budget disagreements is compared to Watergate. Liberal commentator Bill Maher ridicules her baby son who has Down's syndrome. Senator Obama himself has even implied that Governor Palin is a "pig." He denies it, of course, but his liberal audience clearly took his comment as a reference to the Governor, an impression that he did nothing at the time to correct.

What is it about this courageous young woman that the Left finds so frightening that they must destroy her? Just politics as usual, the jaded might say. Now I grant you that the Obama campaign and the Democratic Party, aided by their friends in the liberal media, believe if they can destroy the reputation of this popular governor, they will end John McCain's bid for the presidency. They are probably right. And the prospect of controlling not just the House and the Senate, but the White House as well, has them salivating.

But there is even more to it than this. I believe that the radical feminists are deeply conflicted over Governor Palin's success. Consider the reaction of two of our leading feminist talk show hosts, Oprah Winfrey and Whoopi Goldberg. Oprah is so put off by Palin that she is trying to pretend she doesn't exist. Whoopi Goldberg of "the View" is even more confused. On the one hand, she gushes that Palin "gave a really amazing speech, very strong she's a tough chick and she's a babe and she's a mom and all those other wonderful things we should be celebrating the first time I think we've ever celebrated all of these things in a woman." On the other, she darkly characterizes Palin as "a very dangerous woman."

Dangerous? Who or what does Sarah Palin threaten, you ask?

First, she threatens the self-image of the radical feminists themselves. As young women, they were misled into believing that, as the phrase goes, they could have it all--career, marriage, and family--in their own time and on their own terms. Too late they realize that the all-consuming career that was to have liberated them has instead entrapped them, that the live-in boyfriend who was to have married them has found another, younger squeeze, and that the bodies of their tiny children have all been broken at abortion clinics.

Then along comes the beautiful and accomplished governor of Alaska, who has a successful political career, a loving (and faithful) husband, and a large and beautiful family. She appears to be the living validation of the feminist dream that it is, after all, possible to have it all. They eagerly look into the mirror of her soul hoping to catch a glimpse of themselves only to discover--horrors of horrors--that she is not one of them. Instead, she is a bona fide builder of the Culture of Life, who eschewed an abortion to give birth to a Downs syndrome baby. She is an advocate of traditional marriage, a serious Christian believer, a fiscal conservative who believes in local government, and a card-carrying member of the National Rifle Association.

No wonder the feminists feel angry and betrayed.

But Palin not only threatens the radical feminist self-image, she threatens their entire movement, and ultimately the future of the Democratic Party itself. After all, if she is elected as Vice President, she will become a role model for an entire generation of young women. This would be a major setback for a movement which is already finding it difficult to attract younger adherents, and for a political party that relies upon feminists as foot soldiers. She is "dangerous" precisely because she threatens to redefine what it means to be feminine away from the radical feminist type back to real womanhood.

There used to be a lot of such women in America. These were the kind of women who crossed the Great Plains carrying a baby in one hand and a rifle in the other. These were the women who grew up on the frontier into strong adults, able to shoot a deer as easily as they could change a diaper. Women who put their families first, and knew that they in turn would always be first in the hearts of their husbands and children. Women who insisted that churches and schools be built, and charities and hospitals opened.

But the frontier, you say, is no more. Over a hundred years ago settlements already stretched across America to the Pacific. That chapter of American history is a closed book, and the wonderful, resilient women who peopled it are nothing more than dust and memories.

Well, not quite.

It turns out that there is yet one more frontier, up north by northwest from the old 48. Where else could a young girl named Sarah wake up at 3 a.m. to go moose hunting with her dad, develop a taste for moose-burgers, or travel by dogsled through snowy wildernesses? Out of Alaska, America's final frontier, comes a brave and determined woman who appears to have every bit as much pioneer spirit--and sheer grit--as our forbearers.

Twelve statues of the Madonna of the Trail grace towns along the roads that took our ancestors West. But I suggest that we may have to add another. The town square of Wasilla, Alaska, it seems to me, would be an excellent site.

Steven W. Mosher is the President of the Population Research Institute, and the author of Population Control: Real Costs and Illusory Benefits. (Transaction, 2008)

Media Contact: Colin Mason
(540) 622-5240, ext. 209
(c) 2007 Population Research Institute. Permission to reprint granted.
Redistribute widely. Credit required.
PRI is a 501(c)(3) educational organization. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to PRI,
please go to our Donations Page. All donations (of any size) are welcomed and appreciated.

The pro-life Population Research Institute is dedicated to ending human
rights abuses committed in the name of "family planning," and to ending
counter-productive social and economic paradigms premised on the myth of
"overpopulation." Find us at

PRI, PO Box 1559, Front Royal, VA 22630 USA Phone: 540-622-5240


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 Choice of Biden Re-Opens Catholic Wound

Interesting Events and News StoriesAnonymous writes "Own Bishop Outspoken on Obligation to Protect Life

CHICAGO, Aug. 23 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The selection of Delaware Senator Joseph Biden as the vice presidential running mate of Barack Obama poses a major challenge for American Catholics, according to Fidelis, a national Catholic-based advocacy group.

Fidelis warned late last month that a pro-abortion Catholic choice as a vice presidential candidate would offend many Catholics who have struggled with the scandal of prominent pro-abortion Catholic politicians like Senator Biden.

Fidelis President Brian Burch commented, “Barack Obama has re-opened a wound among American Catholics by picking a pro-abortion Catholic politician. The American bishops have made clear that Catholic political leaders must defend the dignity of every human person, including the unborn. Sadly, Joe Biden’s tenure in the United States Senate has been marked by steadfast support for legal abortion.”

During the recent Democratic primary campaign Biden said: “I am a long-standing supporter of Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to choose.”

In 2004, John Kerry’s support for abortion sparked a nationwide controversy over whether Catholics who support legal abortion can receive Communion. The debate was re-activated in 2007 when several bishops criticized Rudy Guiliani, also a pro-abortion Catholic.

“Now everywhere Biden campaigns, we’ll have this question of whether a pro-abortion Catholic can receive Communion. Senator Biden is an unrepentant supporter of abortion in direct opposition to the Church he claims as his own. Selecting a pro-abortion Catholic is a slap in the face to Catholic voters,” said Burch.

Biden’s own bishop, Bishop Michael Saltarelli of Wilmington, Del., has said that the issues pertaining to the sanctity of human life are the “great civil rights issues of this generation.”

Bishop Saltarelli denounced the notion that politicians can ‘personally oppose’ abortion, but refuse to pass laws protecting the unborn.

“No one today would accept this statement from any public servant: ‘I am personally opposed to human slavery and racism but will not impose my personal conviction in the legislative arena.’ Likewise, none of us should accept this statement from any public servant: “I am personally opposed to abortion but will not impose my personal conviction in the legislative arena,” said Bishop Saltarelli.

In fact, Bishop Saltarelli made clear that pro-abortion Catholic politicians should refrain from receiving the Eucharist.

“The promotion of abortion by any Catholic is a grave and serious matter. Objectively, according to the constant teaching of the Scriptures and the Church, it would be more spiritually beneficial for such a person to refrain from receiving the Body and Blood of Christ. I ask Catholics in this position to have the integrity to respect the Eucharist, Catholic teaching and the Catholic faithful.”

Continue Reading:


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 Obama and Clinton Join Senate Against Helping Pregnant Women, McCain Disagrees

Interesting Events and News StoriesAnonymous writes "Obama and Clinton Join Senate Against Helping Pregnant Women, McCain Disagrees

by Steven Ertelt Editor
March 14, 2008

Washington, DC ( -- Pro-abortion Democratic presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton joined a majority of the Senate Thursday night in rejecting an amendment that would offer financial support to poor pregnant women and their unborn children. Their votes contrasted with likely GOP presidential nominee John McCain.

The two candidates voted against a measure by Sen. Wayne Allard of Colorado that would have included pregnant women and their unborn children in the SCHIP program.

Pro-life groups strongly supported the amendment because it would help women who may otherwise have an abortion because of financial worries about affording a baby.

The vote provided another clear contrast between Obama and Clinton, who support unlimited abortions funded with taxpayer dollars, and McCain, who opposes abortion and has called for reversing Roe v. Wade.

Obama and Clinton voted with the majority of the Senate 52-46 in rejecting the bid to help pregnant women while McCain supported the Allard amendment.

Before the Allard vote, the Senate approved an amendment from pro-abortion Sen. Barbara Boxer that would provide more limited coverage of pregnant women and their babies under the SCHIP program.

That amendment received the support of the Senate with a 70-27 vote.

However, pro-life advocates have some concerns about the Boxer language and say it doesn't accomplish as much as the Allard amendment.

The Boxer amendment classifies pregnant women as children and fails to recognize an unborn child as a person under law who is eligible for federal funding under the program. It also covers a smaller pool of mothers and babies than the Allard measure.

In addition, the Boxer amendment has the potential to increase eligibility for state funded abortions in certain states where state funded pregnancy services include abortion.

The Boxer amendment received the support of all of the Senate Democrats and about half of the chamber's Republicans.

The Allard amendment, considered by pro-life groups to be a truer vote in reflecting a pro-life versus a pro-abortion position, saw mostly Republicans voting in favor as well as Democratic Sens. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania and Ben Nelson of Nebraska.

The rest of the chamber's Democrats voted against the Allard amendment as well as Republican Sens. Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania.

ACTION: See how your senators voted on the Allard amendment by going here. Take a few minutes to make your views known on their vote by calling 202-224-3121 or going to for contact information.

Printed from:"

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