Mother Teresa of Calcutta

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Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta Picture

Mother Teresa
~ Her Life


child is precious,
Every child is a gift from God.”

there are too many children
is like saying there are too many flowers.”

Mother Teresa ~

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About Mother Teresa

26, 1910
, in Skopje, Ottoman Empire. Named Agnes Bojaxhiu.

1928 Joins Irish convent 

1929 Sent to novitiate in Darjeeling, India

1931 Begins teaching at a Calcutta girls’ school. Took the vows of
poverty, chastity, and obedience and was renamed Teresa.

1946 Receives “call” to live and work among the poor

1950 The Pope officially sanctions her order, the Missionaries of Charity

The Home for the Dying and The Home for Children were opened.

1963 Awarded India’s
Padmashri, for services to the people of India

1979 Wins Nobel   Peace Prize

DIED Sept. 5, 1997, in Calcutta

Oct. 19, 2003

Mother Teresa Beatification ~ October 19, 2003

Sunday, 19 October 2003, His Holiness John Paul II proclaimed Mother
Teresa of Calcutta, “Blessed.” On this day, in the Year of the Rosary,
the Church also celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the Holy Father’s
Pontificate, as well as World Mission Sunday. The call of Jesus to
Mother Teresa in 1946, “Come, be My light,” resounded in St. Peter’s
Square, as we too were invited to radiate the light of Christ in the
darkness of human poverty and pain.

The official page of Mother Teresa’s cause of beatification ( offers
additional information about the ceremony. 

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info about Mother Teresa at the Vatican Website.
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Mother Teresa’s
Words, Meditations, Quotes, Anecdotes

Apostles did not know how to pray, and they asked Jesus
to teach them.

He, then, taught them the Our Father.

I think that every time we say 
the Our Father, 
God looks at his hands, 
where we are etched.

“See, I have inscribed you on 
the palms of my hands…” 
(Isaiah 49:16).

What a beautiful description and also
expressive of the personal love God
feels for each one of us!”

~Mother Teresa~

Wisdom ~

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out what Mother Teresa had to say about:

Holiness, prayer, Mary, family, the poor,
abortion, loneliness, suffering, virtues, love,
God and more!



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