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    Who is your patron saint and when is the saint’s day? My confirmation saint is Mary Magadalen. Her feast day is July 22nd. . . . .Tana



    Mine is St. Theresa Coudere and her feastday is September 26th.




    I’ve never heard of her. . . can you tell me a bit more about her? Tana



    Here is a little biography on her that I got from

    Foundress of the Religious of Our Lady of the Retreat in the Cenacle. She was born in Le Mas. France, in 1805 and entered a community of dedicated women that evolved into the Sisters of St. Regis in 1829. Theresa founded the Cenacle. She resigned as superior in 1838 and spent the rest of her life, except for a brief period, as a simple sister. She died at Fourviere on September 26. She was beatified in 1951 and canonized by Pope Paul VI in 1970.




    My confirmation saint is St Ann, and I’m ashamed to say I don’t know when her day is so now I’ll have to go look it up.

    I also kind of consider St Maria Goretti to be our family’s patron saint because we were married and all of our sons were baptized in two different churches bearing her name. I think her feast day is July 6.




    Well, I was named after Pope John Paul II but my patron saint is St. John the Baptist – I was born on one of his feast days. However, if/when he’s cannonized, I might make Pope John Paul the Great’s feast day my patron saint/feast day. :) Ironically enough, with all the St. John’s there are, my husband also has St. John the Baptist as his patron saint! Pretty neat for us! :)



    Our family’s patron Saint is Saint Joseph. He has been the patron of DH’s family going WAY back to the old country. Every year, we have a St. Joseph’s day table to give thanks for God’s blessings and the intercession of Saint Joseph. Last year, we had about eighty people!!
    It was wonderful.

    A number of our friends who attended were not even Catholic, and they all said they got SO much out of it and loved hearing about St. Joseph. As a matter of fact, a local Protestant minister friend attended, and asked if we would do something about St. Joseph at their social center next year! (Many Protestants really miss out on learning about the rich lives of the Saints…’s a shame.)

    Oh…St. Joseph’s Day is March 15th.



    Hi my confirmation saint is st Bernadette, her feast day is april 16th.But since i found this site, i am very interesed in st Giana. Also interesed in St maria goretti.
    lorraine 😀

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