Yay!!! I’m being confirmed….

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    …at the easter vigil!! I can’t believe it, I’m beyond ecstatic. I was unable to go to RCIA this fall b/c Gabriel was born in October, so the priest that is working with my husband and I took into consideration that I’ve read a lot and have a good foundation in the faith, gave me some more literature, meets with me weekly for question/answer sessions, and has decided that my husband and I can both be confirmed at the easter vigil.

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to mass and have been moved to tears at the thought of not being able to receive the body and blood of christ for a WHOLE YEAR if I had to go through formal RCIA. But it has really helped me to appreciate the gift of the eucharist that much more, so i feel doubly blessed in having that much more appreciation and being able to take communion a year before I thought I would. Talk about an answer to prayer!

    I just wanted to share, I couldn’t really hold it in anymore and I don’t have any catholic family who would understand. God bless!




    What a blessing! 😆 Congratulations and welcome to the church!





    i know this is a pretty old topic, but congratulations! i’m Catholic since 1995, after RCIA, so i think i know how you feel! God bless you all!

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