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    Dont no who to pick as Gparents for my son ‘s baptism. To cut a long story short.. i dont no many catholics.My dh will want to choose someone in his family but none of them follow the faith.As you no my dh is stuggling in his beliefs.
    My family consists of my dad [as mum passed away] and 2 sisters.My dad being the only practising catholic.
    Any advice please??



    When my dh and I had our boys baptised we each chose one godparent for each boy. My dh is nto a Catholic so each boy has one Catholic godparent and one non-Catholic. I basically chose my siblings as the Catholic godparents and then my dh chose his best friend and his sister-in-law. We did have the discussion that I didn’t mind him choosing a godparent but I wold have to totally agree on it. My suggestion for you is to ask your dad to be your little ones godfather and let your hubby choose someone he wants but have a chat that you don’t mind him picking one but you would really like to be in total agreement on it before asking that person. I hope this helped some!




    Our church also allows it if you have only one Catholic Godparent. Actually, my one brother picked TWO non Catholics for his son! :roll: Our local priests require letters of recommendation from non- parishioners in order for them to become Godparents. One of my nephew’s Godparents is a Protestant :( the other was only baptised in the Church, never was Confirmed, and hasn’t been to church since my brother’s wedding! :( He was refused a letter!

    Needless to say, they (brother & SIL) just didn’t “get” what it’s supposed to be about! :( I was shocked that their priest allowed it. He tried to talk them out of it (suggesting that DH and I could be the “real Godparents” since we were practicing Catholics (he knows us personally.) My brother wouldn’t go for it (I think he didn’t want to be hassled by us about not going to church, teaching his child the faith, etc. We’re TOO religious for his tastes! :roll: ) I suspect that my brother told the priest he just wouldn’t have my nephew baptised, then, so the priest went along with it (knowing that DH and I would always be there for my nephew anyways. Albeit in an “unofficial” manner.)

    Whew…sorry….that whole thing is a bone of contention with me since DH and I really think hard about who we ask to be Godparents. It makes me happy that you’re the SAME way! 😀

    Why not ask your Dad, since he’s a practicing Catholic? No Godparent would love and care about the spiritual health of your child more than his own Grandfather! If your church allows it with just one Catholic, you can pick whomever for the second Godparent. Someone faith-filled, perhaps? I’ve heard of people asking other people from their Church…even if they aren’t close friends or family….but they are very faith-filled people? If your parish has more than one priest, I’ve heard of people asking the other priest (the one not doing the Baptism.)

    My DAD was a convert and was baptised overseas while in the Navy. He only had one Godparent….a Catholic shipmate of his. He was already an adult….so obviously be had made his own decision about things. This was a while ago, and I’m not too clear on the FULL story of what transpired. All I know is that my DAD was the one who insisted upon Catholic schools for his kids. He also was an official “helper” for whatever the nuns at a local convent needed to have done. I’ve heard that converts make the best Catholics….I could see how people say that in my Dad.



    All Catholic Churches HAVE to allow for one Catholic Godparent, it is in the Catechism. If not they are in direct conflict with the Church, her teachings and her Magesterium. There is no make up the rules as you go along and how they suit you and your sensiblities. Sorry it is what is it is. . . . the rallying cry of Protestants, for the most part.

    Now, if you have two Godparents they can be only one of each sex-no two women, no two men. A balance. You have to have one Catholic Godparent, and when a protestant is chosen, the protestant can ONLY be a witness to the Baptism, not a Godparent. If you use a proxy for your Godparent they must be just as qualified sacramentally as the Godparent.

    Being Catholic means being obedient and that is NOT a bad thing to be, afterall our Savior was obedient unto death and no servant is greater than their master. +JMJ+, Tana



    You do need one Catholic godparent, that is someone who is at least 16 years-old, Confirmed, and a practicing Catholic. That godparent can be a man or a woman. The rest is up to the discretion of the pastor or local bishop. Many Filipino families have many, many godparents for each child. Some Latino families also have more than two. At the parish where I work (teaching baptism preparation among other things) we will record as many names as the parents want on the ceremonial certificate. Of course, the official sacramental records of the parish only record one or two godparents. I always suggest to parents that the child’s grandparents are a great choice. Godparents should play a significant role in the life of the child and you are right not to take it lightly.




    Well i saw my parish priest yesterday, and baptism is all booked for 29th july.We have decided on godparents but not asked them yet. Its going to be my dad and my sister in law. She is good person and christian so going to ask them at weekend.I would prefer two catholics but have to compromise with husband. I cant wait !! i feel quite happy at the prospect. Thanks for advice. x



    Congratulations! I’ll bet your Dad is going to be absolutely thrilled! 😀

    Blessings to your family and, of course, the baby! 😀



    Yes, congratulations to you and your wee one. I came so close to crying when my son was baptized. Except the little girl that was also being baptized cried the entire time. . . distracted me, I think.



    my understanding is at least one godparent needs to be a good standing catholic. however, alot of the other requirments can be “waived” at the Priests descrssion. you have to talk to your priest about that,

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