What’s your favorite thing about being Catholic?

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    I love our reverence for Mary and the real presence in the Eucharist. Can’t get those in any other church!



    I love the liturgy, and the fact that we’re continuing a tradition of worship over two thousand years old. Also the way the Church teaches that every human being has equal worth as a person created in God’s image, and the way that the Church speaks out for the poor and powerless.


    I was originally Protestant and the Mass is a big part of my conversion. THere’s definitely something magic about it to me.



    Being Catholic means that I am following the TRUE Church, started by Jesus Christ and continued by Peter and the other Apostles. Our tradition is based on an unbroken line of Apostolic Succession throughout history, all the way back to the original Apostles! While adjustments, minor changes, and doctrine updates have occured periodically, our Church is little changed from it’s remarkable beginning. The teachings of the Church are in accordance with the teachings of Jesus.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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