What do you do in your family to keep the focus on Jesus and

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    We always attend Mass on Christmas Day! We are also trying to keep shopping at a minimum this year.


    We always wait to put baby Jesus into the crib until Christmas Eve. The kids really look forward to this tradition! Puts the focus back on Christ (for a little while) 😆 until they start thinking about Santa again!



    Our DD is be two by Christmas… I haven’t really made plans for limiting the secular focus of Christmas yet.

    I have heard of many people making a Birthday Cake and have a party for Jesus. I might start that when she’s about 4 or 5.

    I’m hopeful that our focus on Advent will be an effective way if refocusing our attention back on Jesus.

    We also do secret Santa with my family where we each buy for one person. This limits the time we spend shopping and is a good way to limit the hectic feelings that can come with the Holidays.

    I do enjoy baking and entertaining friends. I hope to spend this season reflecting on taking care of family and friends and modeling a Christ like spirit for my family.

    🙄 I ask now for your prayer… I’m sure I’ll have a meltdown before the first of the year…



    We didn’t teach our kids to believe in Santa at all! Santa is mommy and daddy.

    I refused to teach my kids about something fake for them to learn later that it was all a farce.

    I also bake cookies to give as gifts for teachers and such. It shows the kids that a handmade gift is just as awesome as a storebought!



    Focus on Jesus… Hmm… I still am finding many days myself where I forget to do that! 🙂 As far as the holidays are concerned, my kiddos are still relatively young but something my church does is they have a tree with different (first names) of children with ages on it and each parishoner can pick a name off of it and buy a gift for that child. All the children on the tree are from the local Children’s hospital.

    The other big thing we do is that we keep celebrating Christmas until/through the Epiphany and save one gift for that day because that’s when Jesus got His gifts! We try to not put too much focus on the before Christmas and then have it all end on that day but rather make it a “season” of Christmas through the Epiphany.

    My mom is awesome about keeping Christmas holy. I try to teach Sofia the religious Chrismas songs but also I use all the “secular” stuff as an opportunity to teach Sofia that those things are not “secular” they are all part of Christmas – which IS a holyday. e.g. Santa is St. Nicholas, Candy Canes represent the Shepherd’s canes, the red and white colors, etc. Almost ALL Christmas items stem from the true meaning of Christmas and that’s what I want Sofia to learn – I actually don’t want her to think there are 2 types of Christmas, just that sometimes people misunderstand it…

    Anyway, that’s my food for thought on the subject. God bless!



    On Christmas morning, we pray and thank God for the birth of His son, Jesus. We sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and we bake a Birthday Cake and write in Icing, happy Birthday Jesus.
    We explain to our son that we are accepting the presents for Jesus, and Christmas is about HIM, and not about presents (although opening presents are quite fun).

    Now that we are Catholic, I would like to attend Mass on Christmas Day – I think that would be beautiful!



    Yep…I think it’s crazy that most people think Christmas is about Santa.

    I am going to do it the way we had it in Switzerland when I was growing up.


    On Dec. 6th, a man dressed up as Santa would come to our house (once) usually the parents just give the sacks…but the guy brings old potato sacks with nuts, oranges, tangerines, and chocolates to the kids. Sometimes the kids share one big bag.

    If you want to make it American, like I’m thinking about doing…(They don’t have stockings in Switzerland…but in France they do)
    so I’m thinking about just putting the chocolates, nuts, oranges, tangerines in the stockings ON DEC. 6th and that is your SANTA day.
    NO TOYS. I’m kind of anti-consumerism, anti-toomanytoys.

    Growing up, the days after Dec. 6th where the build up for the Christ Child who will come on Dec. 24th, into his manger, which is always under the Christmas Tree along with the rest of the nativity. (They celebrate Christmas on the Eve.)

    I really like this, because that way you can tell your kids:

    “Yeah, there’s a Santa, his name is Saint Nicholas…”…tell the story..etc.

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