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    Other than the “typical” holidays?

    We also celebrate baptismal days – nothing fancy – just white cake (or cupcakes). Then we talk about their baptismal day and look at pictures from that day after dinner. We’ve just celebrated our sons’ baptismal days so far, but have been thinking about adding in my husband’s and mine as well.

    Sometimes we celebrate feast days, but I haven’t been very consistent.

    Mom to Colin (4) and Nate (2)



    We celebrate my dd baptismal day as well. It is such a special day! We do need to get the baptismal date for myself and dh, so we can celebrate our baptism as well.

    We should probably look into the feast days that we would like to celebrate as a family. That is a good idea. Do you have any feasts that you celebrate that are special to your family?

    Looking forward to hear about any other ideas that are out there to celebrate with my family.




    Dear mellyrose and mommyandlovingit,
    I just love your ideas of celebrating baptism and saint’s feast days. I seem to remember reading somewhere that celebrating the feast day of your name saint was done in the middle ages. But it seems like that would keep your faith a real and living thing.
    (Of course, people named Mary would have tons of days to choose from!)




    We have chosen the big party for our family every year is our name day. We do celebrate birthdays, but they are small and family sized. As a pro-lifer, we were all here way before the day we came out of our mothers. So our big party with friends and games is our name days. It is thrown just like a birthday party. Every year we try to incorporate a new game, food, or theme focused on the saint. For example…. st. lucy you could have a cat themed party, or play games kind of like a cat. Make “cat food munch” It takes some getting used to, and some research, but you will be surprised that before you know it your whole family will know a lot about everyone’s saint. My friends can’t wait until our saints parties. They are easier to keep pure and the emphasis is not on the child, but the saint…no presents just fun with friends and family..



    Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up and we do those very BIG with our family. I am the one sibling in my family that has to travel to get to my family and the rest of the people celebrating, so it is specially important to me and I love traveling back home and seeing my whole family.

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