What are you giving up for Lent?

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    Just curious to hear from other mums.

    I usually give up sweets, but that would be cheating this year because I feel so queasy that there is no way I want sweet right now anyway! 😕

    I am instead going to try to be more patient – figure that is something I lack at times!! And try to be more disciplined about saying a daily rosary. I start out really well and then end up with my rosary in bed trying to say it and falling asleep.

    Any other ideas?





    This year, I am giving up lunch. Food is probably my biggest vice, and I think it will really help me focus on prayer to get me through. However, my DH was home from work today and brought me soup for lunch!! I couldn’t hurt his feelings, so it is all I had.

    I teach CCD to fifth graders. Although they are too young to fast, I still encourage them to sacrifice something. I told them to use their sacramentals to help them when it gets tough. Maybe that will work for all of us!



    I gave up coffee this year and all other caffeine. I usually give up sweets but my coffee consumption has gotten a little out of control (almost a 3/4 pot a day) so I am giving it up. It has been so hard but no cheating yet. The hardest part of it for me is the first hour or so after I have gotten up and showered and all the kids I babysit are here. I think I get my daily fix so to speak when i make coffee for my husband in the morning to take to work. The smell of the coffee for now is helping me.


    I gave up drinking cokes and sprit and eating any kind of “red” meat and sweets (cake, candy, and sweet bread).



    I have given up the one thing that is causes me such grief. 😆
    Chocolate!!! My goodness I can be such a glutton when it
    comes to this stuff. I’ve also given up popcorn with butter,(Yummy)
    Cafe Mochas, and I am praying the daily office morning and night.
    Trying to not spend as much time on the computer also. 😆
    I have high hopes that this Lent will be a fruitful one



    A little late but here it goes….I like to use lent as a time to dig deep and reflect on my relationship with God. I like to give up an hour of my time and spend that hour in my quiet room either in prayer or bible study. Hope this helps.

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