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    I am really struggling with the “should I being helping financially” question. I have for children and one possibly on the way. (we are not sure if he/she is o.k. yet) I have tried to come up with ways to work from home. I would like to homeschool the younger ones. We don’t have a lot of income, we seem to just get by on a very tight budget. I love being at home and a mother and wife. When I have taken on little jobs here and there, I feel a fulfillment, however, that I don’t experience at home. I wouldn’t trade it for being able to be home with my children, but I can’t deny that it is there. Maybe it has less to do with money and more to do with my own selfishness or need for freedom. Anyway, my husband is tired of my various “ideas” and would prefer if I was a bit more content as a homemaker. I have prayed about this, but don’t feel I know what the answer is. I love my children and my husband. I feel somewhat ashamed that I am struggling with this. Does anyone have any suggestions or a different perspective that might help?


    I don’t think what you are feeling is unusual. I think a lot of moms feel how you feel sometimes. I know I have. What helped me was reminding myself that this is my vocation right now– raising my kids, running the house, keeping things in order while my husband is away. And I also have to find my own purpose. Just because I am home with my kids all day doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have my own interests. The kids keep me really busy, and sometimes I get overwhelmed or tired. But if I take even 20 minutes out of my day to do something, or look at something, that interests me then I feel more fulfilled and able to come back to my duties here in our home with a fresh perspective. I love to sew, so I sew quilts and things and sell them online. I also love to paint, so I sell some of my things in an Etsy account. Those things help me to feel like I am helping out financially, and also help me feel fulfilled here at home. I make myself a schedule of what I want to make by a certain date and try to keep to that. It really does help to feel more fulfilled. I’ve also found volunteer work, making clothing and blankets for hospitals. That is also very fulfilling because there is a need for it and it allows me to do some things I like to do.

    I hope this has helped!
    Take care!



    Hi! I”m new to Catholic moms! I was drawn to your post as I can totally understand what you’re going through. I think “servant to heaven” has some great points. This is sooo tough but, yes, just look at it as your vocation. You are blessed to be able to be there for your kids. It’s also awesome that your husband is very supportive of this. I’ve really struggled over the years as I have had to return to work when the boys (I have 4) were only 2 months old and it was the most awful feeling in the world! I think we all struggle with finding our purpose in life and feeling like we need to contribute to the household financially. I am finding more and more that there are sooo many women out there who long to be home with their little ones but just can’t. So, yes, enjoy being a mom but take care of yourself as well and find something on the side that bring you that little, extra fulfillment. I have also been blessed to have a found a great business opportunity that I would love to share with you. You may or may not be interested but it’s definitely worth checking out. It’s an opportunity that provides me with hope for the future! No product selling, purchasing inventory, going door to door, anything like that. It’s a very moral and ethical business and that’s one of the many things I love about it! Right now I currently work but it is my goal to get back home to my kids (or at least work part time) and this is an opportunity that’s going to help me reach that goal! ANyway, it’s a great way to stay at home and bring in some extra income. I think you contact me through my link? Sorry I’m new to all this! Anyway, hang in there and enjoy those kiddos! They grow way, way too fast!!!



    I too have felt that struggle, especially in my first 2 years as a SAHM. I finally decided that being a SAHM was my vocation, but that did not stop me from wanting a bit of income for spending money. I studied Proverbs 31 and realized that the ideal wife made a business out of her home based skills (particularly sewing). I love to craft and turned that into a sideline business. I am in total control of how much time is spent and when it is spent. This way I can still concentrate on my priorities. I attend about 5 Saturday craft fairs a year, have 2 open house weekends and am currently expanding into home parties, hosted by myself. I am still at home whenever needed, and still run a business too. I love being able to do both and totally see the fulfillment that the Proverbs 31 wife felt with running a small business from her home.

    Maybe you too can be inspired by this.

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