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    Has anyone else seen this Irish movie? I loved it! It is so funny. About a small village where one fellow wins the big lottery…but I can’t tell you more or I’ll ruin the plot. Very, very funny. I can’t remember the language – I think there may be some bad language, so you may not consider it a family movie. But for older teens and parents. It’s very, very funny. At least we thought so!

    Another one I loved that is years old is called The Snapper. Based on the book by Roddy Doyle. Very funny. Coarse language, unfortunately, I have to warn people. But about a family trying to cope with a teen daughter who gets pregnant and is having the baby – but won’t say who the father is. Drama/comedy.



    i’ve thought about waking ned divine…can you tell a little more? is it a good one that me and hubby might both enjoy?



    Hi Jen!

    Well, I think that it is a good couple movie. My husband laughed just as much as I did! It’s Irish humour. I love the last shot – and the last song!! But won’t ruin it. It’s just about two friends who get a winning lottery ticket that isn’t theirs (can’t say more or I’ll ruin it) – but if they can cash it they can help everyone in their small town.

    Hope you enjoy it. I think it’s pretty clean language. A bit of swearing. I’m trying to remember. So definitely for the big people.

    My Dad and stepmum loved it, too. Actually my father was laughing so hard he had tears streaming down his face and could hardly breath at one point.

    Let me know what you think if you do see it!




    I’ll 2nd recommending Waking Ned Devine!

    DH was not happy with the idea, but there wasn’t a lot available when we we rented it. He LOVED it!!!! We laughed so hard.

    I think it’s a feel good kinda’ move, where it, eventually, has a happy ending, and nothing is really sad. It’s got a lot of Irish charm and you really get to know the characters.

    I don’t know that younger children would understand it, even it there isn’t language (which I can’t remember), but it’s a lovely story that tweens, teens, and parents would enjoy. Some hilarious twists and turns. One of those movies where the “bad guys” get it in a funny accident just when they are going to “spill the beans”. The whole town really pulls together, people trust in each other, and grow together.

    The lottery winner is Ned Devine. When they go to see him, one day, they find the winning lottery ticket in his hand, but he’s dead (with a smile). He died, because he won the lottery. Thus, the title. And fun mischief ensues from there. I always enjoy movies where the mischief is conducted by the older adults –in this case some old men that were his best friends–. It’s down right hilarious and touching!




    My husband, then teen-aged son, and I all LOVE this film!

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