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    I was just wondering if you were able to get things to work out in your favor with the vaccination issue with your children and attending school?



    Thanks so much for caring. We have decided to homeschool. I did so last year and we all survived.(not making a joke.) We had a very rough year last year and homeschooling is really what we’ve always wanted to do. However last year my husband was deathly ill for a month and I was taking care of him at home.(literally around the clock. Neither of us slept more than a 2 hour stretch for a month, he is a diabetic and I was 6 months pregnant.) He nearly died. A few weeks after he recovered he had appendicitis and 4 months later we had a baby(after a 4 day labor!)
    I was quite surprised to find that my son’s education suffered no ill effects and we managed to stay right where we were supposed to be.
    We’d decided not to homeschool mostly because last year was so traumatic for us.(I’d never been so happy to say goodbye to 2007, esspecially with all of us still here.)
    Anyway, I don’t really know what else I could do to pursue the matter. I don’t feel that our parish priest is all that supportive.
    I did talk with several other Catholic moms I know and was a little surprised, after the complete lack of support, to find they felt the same way. One of them is a homeschooler and another had already had her oldest ones vaccinated but said it would be a problem for the youngest one.(but she is considering homeschooling anyway.)
    My FIL spoke with his parish priest who is a little “on the fence” over the issue but his father, who I’m told is a very old, very devout Catholic, and the father of several priests :0), is opposed to vaccination. There are also several other families who are opposed to vaccination in our parish, who’ve said to call them if I ever, “want to talk.” A local Catholic doctor(and father of 12) is also supportive of the right to object for reasons of moral conscience.
    I am still upset about the decision. I am struggling between anger over the decision and humble acceptance of their decision(am having a hard time submitting to this authority, when I believe it to be wrong and against what the Church teaches on the matter!) I’m not realy sure how I should be handling the situation. On one hand I feel that I should respect their decision and on the other hand I feel the Vatican has spoken in MY favor and THEY should submit to that authority.



    Wow, Vinnyslady, you have been really busy in 2007. What a struggle that must have been. I homeschooled myself for 5 years but it got to be too tough for me. The kids turned into teenagers and didn’t want to listen and do what they were told as well etc… It just got to be too much for me.

    I still think that if you provide and exemption form, they have to accept your decision! Maybe it is different with a private school. We had no problems with our public school accepting it. The nice thing about our school is that the kids still get Christian Formation. Grades 1-5 go to their Christian Formation class first thing in the morning Mon-Thurs. On Friday they have a children’s Mass in the morning. Grades 6-8 get Christian Formation classes on Wednesday evening, while the highschoolers meet on periodic Sundays. So it works out well.

    I hope that you have a good school year and good health for everyone in your family!

    God bless and help you always!

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