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    I was wondering how some of you handle the “tooth fairy” situation. My first child’s tooth is loose for the first time. We celebrate “St. Nicholas’ day” on Dec 6 instead of Santa Claus on Dec 25, and my kids are only allowed to dress as saints or some Bible character if they want to go trick-or-treating. That said, I am not too keen about the “fairy” idea. What do you think about substituting the tooth fairy with St. Apollonia, the patron saint of teeth/dentists? Any other ideas?



    I think thats a GREAT idea!! Are you still going to do the tooth under the pillow thing? Im wondering becasue Im gonna still your idea! We also do the same thing for Christmas, and for Halloween, never anything dark or scary. KUDOS Momma, talk baout living out your faith!!! Gina N.



    I think I will do the tooth under the pillow, but I don’t feel right leaving money in its place, though!



    I have 5 children and we did the tooth fairy ritual, every time the boys lost a tooth. I told my boys when they questioned, that the tooth fairy was kinda an angel. We only left a quarter per tooth. These old rituals as kids when we were growing up are kinda nice to keep. But some people always make some things sound worse than it really is as when I was growing up, we believed these. I don’t think that it hurt us.
    As for Halloween I don’t let my boys dress-up in creepy things like witches or goblens. They have dressed up as lions, dogs, pumpkins, cowboys, Mr. Peanut, chickens, mickey mouse and so on. But I have told my children we are catholic and shouldn’t dress up in things that represent evil. I know it is Halloween, but lets dress up reasonable…Even I dress up when I hand out treats, and I usually use my husband old cover-alls, and a straw hat & dress up like a farmer.
    I hope I don’t offend anyone with my input.
    May God bless



    We sort of came up with a happy medium idea. We are going to tell the kids to put their tooth under the pillow and in the morning they will get a little surprise. The surprise could be a nice sticker, a story of their favoirte saint, a treat, a quarter, a homemade coupon for a visit to their favorite park, a beautiful message, a nice pin button for them to wear.

    The idea is to keep the fun and surprise part of the “tooth fairy” tradition without having to lie about it. If they ask who put it there?… we’ll just say that it’s part of the surprise, that’s all.



    I have a really funny story about the tooth fairy ritual.

    I have 4 kids, and when the oldest two started losing teeth, I had three kids and not much sleep ever. One morning, I woke up and realized I, the tooth fairy, was supposed to work her magic during the night, and didn’t. So I crept into the kids’ bedroom, and as I reached under my son’s pillow, he opened his eyes! I just couldn’t lie to those brown eyes, and thus the tooth fairy myth was banished. So now, my third child is losing teeth, and the older ones told him the tooth fairy was me. I forget every time to put something under the pillow, so we just celebrate each tooth loss with a lot of praise and laughter, while we are all awake!! Sometimes we’ll go out for ice cream, or just look at the lost tooth with awe and thank God for putting a new one in it’s place. Also a ritual vow to take care of the permanent new tooth.



    I think substituting St. Apollonia is an excellent idea! It’s the perfect way to tie Biblical teachings with our society’s tradition. I agree that the concept of a fairy can be confusing to a child. Because their is a saint that represents healthy teeth and dentists, it’s best to incorporate the faith. You can expand this idea by incorporating dentists and dental plans into the teachings.

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