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    I am due with my first child in September. I was wondering if you have good ideas for prayers, music, or other tools that helped keep you centered during labor and delivery? I mean, what a great way to relate to Jesus’ suffering! I’m thinking rhythmic and repetitive things will work better, especially as the labor progresses. My husband will be there and I’m trying to think of things that include him as well. Maybe something he can lead, like the Rosary. But I don’t know. What do you all think?

    Thanks, everyone, for any responses!



    You may enjoy your husband praying the rosary but you may or may not want to participate depending on how intense your labor is at that point there is also lots of relaxing Christian or Catholic music I would try to listen to different things ahead of time see what you enjoy and what helps you relax. Offer up your labor and pain and suffering ahead of time as it may be hard to when you are in the moment.



    I think it is a great idea to pray the Rosary. You are right, repetitive prayers would probably be best. Besides the calming effect, it will also help you to take your mind off the labor pains. I prayed Hail Marys the whole time I was delivering my 3rd baby and it was a very easy birth.

    God Bless You… let us know what you decide to do!



    I agree with HappyMommy. You may want to do the Rosary before hand as you may not quite be ‘in-the-mood’ to do it when labour starts.My husband and myself prayed the Hail Mary during both my deliveries and everything went well without any complications. Relaxing music will also help.Above all,just surrender all that pain…which will be unbrearable at some point during our Lord.He will guide you and your husband through.Good luck and wishing you all the best!!



    I did a lot of what was mentioned above while I was in labor. Listening to calming music helped me a lot. My husband and I prayed a few times while I was in labor, but it was before things had gotten too intense. I also held on to my rosary necklaces which I think helped the most. It made me feel comforted and took my mind off of labor for a bit. Congratulations!

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