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    This is the screen version of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s famous musical.

    This is a story about a disfigured musical genius, The Phantom, who haunts the catacombs of the theatre, terrifying the ensemble of artists who live and work there.

    I enjoyed this movie… but I am a musical person.

    Emmy Rossum does an awesome job as Christine and Gerald Butler is very good as the Phantom.

    My husband “squirmed” through the whole thing!

    Unless your husband likes muscials… I would call this a gal movie.


    My husband cannot stand musicals. He says he can’t remember the last time he broke out in song and dance in any situation. 🙄 I love musicals, so I have to watch them by myself. I have never seen The Phantom, so I might have to check it out.




    My dh cannot stand musicals. I’ve tried to get him to watch some with me, and he’s asleep within 5 minutes of turning them on. I watch them alone or with friends/family. When I was in London we saw a few, which was nice. I’ve also seen some of the travelling shows that make it to the larger cities. I think they’re fun!



    Hi! We own the movie and both liked it. I’ve read the book, seen it on stage and seen the movie. Awesome!

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