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    Any recommendations on teaching phonics to your kiddos? I think I am getting to the point of needing to focus my little on them. She has her number to 10 down, colors, and basic shapes.

    I feel a little at a loss since with all the other things I didn’t do a whole lot of structured learning, she just kind of picked it up. However, with phonics being the next step, I don’t know how to approach it really. (I think I’m scared I’ll get a little overwhelmed and not be able to do it.)


    I used a book called “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.” It teaches phonics and handwriting. It worked well, and is inexpensive. There are tons of materials out there, or you could just make your own flashcards with index cards and go through them one by one. For recommendations on other materials, you could check out http://www.love2learn.net , a catholic homeschooling website.



    Hey Josie!

    We invested in this really neat thing made by Leapfrog. It’s a little magnetic “base” that you put on the fridge. It comes with a set of ABC magnets that fit onto the base. The child pushes the letter and it sings a song about the sound the letter makes. I’m singing this one in my sleep:

    “B says BUH….B says BUH…..every letter makes a sound and B says BUH!”


    It may drive you nuts, but the kids LOVE it. Even Gianna will tell me that B says BUH if I ask her! It’s a good, fun start to letter sounds.

    They have the item at Walmart, Target, that sort of place.

    😀 Michelle



    Thank you for the suggestions.
    Michele, Glad to know you’re still alive! hee hee :)
    (Haven’t had a chance to PM back – will do.)

    I was really waiting for one of you moms to volunteer to be my child’s personal tutor – and while you’re at it, my housekkeper and personal cook too! just kidding hee hee

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