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    Hello! I’m new to this site. I really felt the need to connect with Catholic moms about this….you see, I have two small kids, and the smaller one is not even a year old. I understand very well the reason why we do NFP as Catholics and would never consider doing otherwise…but now….it’s been almost a year of rocky sex life due to crazy postpartum cycles, no regularity, and us trying to be extremely careful not to conceive again yet, following all the rules of the book. I’m stretched too thin as it is. And now I just found out I am pregnant. I feel very guilty to say that I am not at ALL happy about it, and I’ve even had wistful thoughts of the possibility of miscarrying. (Yes! I know that it AWFUL!) But I haven’t been able to sleep through the night in like two years, my little one still sleeps in bed with me and wants to nurse all night. I know that beginning any time now I will be even more exhausted from pregnancy and I’ve already been soooo moody and hormonal. I am discouraged because I feel that NFP simply *doesn’t* work and I have no choice except to have like 15 kids. The breastfeeding amenorrhea thing is absolutely not true. I am very discouraged, my closest friends are still not even married and do things like sit around at coffee shops for hours and read….(?!!? Imagine!?!) I need alot of prayers to change my heart about this new coming baby, and for things to somehow, someway ease up so that I can not be an exhausted, snappy, impatient ol’ brat. Thoughts would be appreciated. I’m sure plenty of you NFP users have been here before….



    Dear Maggie… So sorry to hear your struggle!! Know you’re definitely not alone and that lots of love and encouragement is going your way ;). Praying God will give all the strength, love, joy, refreshment and courage you need to dive in and do all that you need. I will also pray that you’ll receive more active physical support for you and your husband!! If it helps, keep your rosary in hand 24/7, as tremendous graces can fill your life through those prayers. (As in active touchable graces) The Holy Souls are always there to help as well. Hugs hugs hugs … Momo

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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