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    I am currently a real estate agent, who’s is pregnant with baby#3, and have two -girl and boy- 2.5yrs, and one year old. I am finally realizing I cannot be away from home to make an income. With the kids getting sick, especially. Does anyone know of any stay at home, work from home opportunities that can bring in some additional income for the family?



    I am interested in this as well. I know of things like Mary Kay, Avon, pampered chef etc. but not sure those things are really for me either. I am interested to know if anyone has any other ideas or knows of anything else out there.



    Hi everyone!
    I am a newbie to this group. I belong to other WHAM sites and had a bit of divine inspiration to Google Catholic WHAM and found this beautiful site. The first page up when I clicked on the link was your questions about other work at home businesses. The Holy Spirit is definately working with me today.

    I am a partner with Parents United. We represent a 20 year old Inc 500 registered pharmeceutical manufacturing company. We are a wholesale shopping club where we purchase non-toxic consumable products for our personal use. It is so reassuring to know that there is a company out there that takes Stewardship to heart and has had a strong value system in place for 20 years and going!

    Yes, there is also potential to recieve residual income. Unlike the other home based businesses, we Don’t take orders, collect money, deliver products or host parties. We are a real time business.

    There is a March special going on right now for a reduced one time membership fee and free product ($75 value)!

    I would love to hear from all Catholic moms who are interested in the safety of their homes.

    God Bless,



    Hey, Ladies, thanks for all your help! I actually started a career with Avon, and it has really built my confidence and helped me stay at home with my beautiful little blessings…
    If anyone is interested in purchasing any Avon, please don’t hesitate to shop online with my website, you can get it directly delivered to your home.

    Thanks everyone for your support and advice!



    Hi Erdmann mum!

    Congrats on starting your business. That’s great. 😀





    Look into BELL for those intersted in e-tutoring and Alpine Access I think it is called especially for those of you out west. I too am looking to work from my home as with 4 children two in college and the youngest 8 years old things are getting tight.



    Hello Virginia,

    what is bell and e-turtoring, the at home work oppotunies…I live in iowa…new stay at home mom,,hadn’t heard of this…interested..

    thanks for assistance,



    I am a DONA trained birth doula (labor assistant)… I’m pursuing a few certifications through CAPPA as well. It’s my ‘rewarding’ job (well, besides being a mommy and wife)

    I am also a freelance makeup artist. That’s my “fun” job.

    I recommend finding something you like or feel proficient in. There are virtual assistant companies… a lot of real estate brokerages allow a telecommute option as well… there’s a website, , that gives a LOT of options in a lot of industries.

    I’m looking to do something like medical transcription… I love being a doula and MUA, but it’s simply not stable enough an income. My husband is really set on me to stay home with the kids (mainly because of daycare being an impossibility financially for us), so we need something substantial.

    Good luck!



    I’m newbie here.
    I’m happily married for 7 yrs, a mom to a 4 yr old girl, an 11 yr old girl and am also expecting #3 a Boy, by October 18th 2007.
    I’ve worked for Home Interiors Co. for 3 years now an have been pleased with the decorating business and the income I can make on my own time.
    I must say I’m not very active & very involved with shows.
    I only do ocasional shows, but do earn good money doing outside orders & fundraisers. I don’t make the same % with fundraisers but when the clubs and organizations make thousands of $$ then that’s where I can make good $
    I am now a Senior Decorating Consultant, eventhough I’m 33 :) and am also a Team Builder with 7 recruits, 2 of them active.
    I like giving the opportunity to anyone who wants to give it a try, no matter what.
    The Company offers new consultants a lot of free supplies and a showcase worth over $500 for about $129 or so
    You won’t know until you try!

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