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    Does anyone here stay at home with their kids, but still bring in an income in anyway? I am desperate to find something!!! ❗ ❗



    I do…but I work for DH doing his bookkeeping and billing. Don’t actually get paid, but we don’t have to pay salary and benefits for an extra secretary!

    Maybe there’s a small business that needs a bookkeeper, but doesn’t want to pay benefits to an employee? You could be an “independent contractor?”

    Our pediatrician has a SAHM who does transcription for him? Not sure if you know how to do that?

    I also have a friend who babysits at home.

    How about an online business? Can you design web pages? I know lots of small businesses that would LOVE one, but have no one on staff to build them.

    Hope these help? 😀



    Yeah, I know how to build basic websites, nothing extravagant…I wonder if that owuld still be beneficial ❓ ❓
    The childcare is an option, however, my husband had that growing up and somehow was traumatized, so he doesn’t support that one. My huband owns his own company, and I do the bookeeping, however, he just isn’t making enough money to support the hwole family right now.
    Not to sure what transcriptioning is, but I’d be interested to finding out.
    Thanks for your suggestions, I am going to discuss them with my husband tonight:) :)




    I work part-time (DH is home with kiddies now as he works evenings) and then also supplement our income with transcription for university profs. As a journalist and administrative person I’m a very fast typist and just kind of fell into the work. Someone needed transcripts done – so they’ve taped interviews for research purposes or for a doctor – but I’ve never done medical ones – and the transcriptionist types down word-for-word what is said. Word of mouth has kept the work coming in – not to the point that I have work every night – but enough to help and it’s fairly regular now.

    Most tapes now are digital (years ago used to be actual cassettes and you needed a dictaphone or transcription machine to play them back), so they email them to me. You can download excellent free software to play the tapes (people have to buy to actually tape interviews – but the trascription software is free). It’s called Express Scribe and works for PC or Mac. Having used it on both, I will say it is better on PC with Microsoft Word.

    If you are a typist, post a notice at your local college or university and see what response you get. I type evenings once everyone under four feet tall is sleeping. :) Charge is @ $100 per hour of transcribed tape here in Canada (may be more in US?? I have no way of knowing) – so roughly $20 an hour depending on the quality of the tape and how long it takes to type it. I’ve done work for grad students and profs now. Much of it is is interesting. also did some work for a charity for homeless teens – again – by word of mouth they got my name. It’s interesting. Like eavesdropping.

    Hope this helps! And if anyone needs a transcriptionist….let me know!!!! :roll:





    How fast of a typist do I have to be? I am pretty fast, but not very fast. About 45wpm…so you just listen to the tape and type the conversation??? ❓
    That sounds pretty easy!



    I am a SAHM of 3 (the youngest is 6 months old) and I sell Watkins and make pretty good money at it. The products are so well known that everyone loves them!!! You can go to this website to learn more:
    Seriously, we were hurting for money and I wanted to help out, but we had previously agreed for me to stay home for the family’s sake. I always bought Watkins and had a “aha” moment. I make 25%-39% profit from each sale-which sometimes is alot. I am very happy and I am doing something fun. I could give parties if I wanted to, but with the little guy that would be kind of hard right now… maybe later.

    Just giving my input. You can email me to ask more…



    I babysit for our friends two daughters and one other child to help bring in a little extra money. I also sell pampered chef but more as a hobby then to seriously make money. The babysitting works for us for the time being but as we plan on having more kids I can see how it might not be such a good option, as far as being able to give my own children the amount of attention as I would want to be able to.



    Hi everyone:

    I also babysat when I was SAHM (before DH had to reposition himself – that’s when I went to work again :( – but fortunately am job share and now work three days outside the home and he’s home with them :) ).

    Re: typing and transcription. Well, the faster you are, the faster you earn the money. I type about 90 wpm. But, the trick is truly the quality of the tapes. And if the prof or doctor or lawyer didn’t have a really quick turnaround, there’s no reason why you couldn’t take in transcription work to do if you type 45 wpm. That’s what most of the clerical gals at work type (not that they do transcription – but I mean it’s a respectable average).

    I quite enjoy it. I type for people in the education department, psychology, some sort of agriculture-related discipline (I learned a lot about cherry trees!!) and….philosophy? Something like that. I also lucked into work for a midwifery group that was very interesting. Gosh, I can’t remember. They will want you to sign a confidentiality agreement of course. If you want to embark on this I am more than happy to share my confidentiality agreement and invoice, etc. with any of you. Just email me and I’ll send ’em over. They’re in Word/Excel.

    It’s pretty good money, flexible (depending on turnaround time – some want the tapes back ASAP). If you download the Express Scribe software there is a demo you can try and see if you like it. You can slow down the speed, speed it up, adjust the volume. You use “hot” keys – so if you’re a touch typist, as soon as you get used to it, it’s super fast. F9 is play, F7 is rewind and F4 is stop. There are others, but those are the main ones. It’s really good and the digital tapes are high quality. You could post at the colleges – or try something like Craig’s List.

    I LOVE Pampered Chef – just can’t buy it a lot. haha

    What is Watkins? Have to check out the link….but I’m procrastinating and have to go get transcribing.

    A friend of mine has a virtual secretarial firm as well and has steady work. But that’s another option if you’re a good typist and did any secretarial before becoming a mum!

    Best to all,




    Dear all:

    I am a newbie (really…except for after birth of Robert) at staying home. Hubby is now taking the responsibility of working all hours to bring home the income that it provides.

    I used to work at youth detention center and this made more money as he was ‘staying home” because in June Robert got real sick and so we had to make that adult decision for one of us to remain home with him..grandma (mom) was having knee fixed so one of us had to stay home and since I made the most with benefits, etc. well,…

    Still, the job i had I hated…not because of the youth but because of all the team leaders, supervisors, not on same page, etc..too many policies and procedures to remember and not all helping me to learn what I needed to do…sabotage one oh one was in process and they wanted me out…this was after two years of working there overnights..i went to days so that I could be home with robert longer before i went to work..hubby at time would be getting off at 5pm and so one of us was always with him and then like i said,,robert got sick and hubby stayed home…

    anyway..they fired me from work and finally hubby found a job in November and so now I am stay at home mom,…liking it..trying to find programs for Robert..but there is a small part of me that is worried because of hubby’s income not as big as mine used to be…we are receiving wic, title nineteen (that is for adults until next month we have to reapply) food stamps, God is so awesome….heating assitance and have received mortgage help once….hubby is also in job where he works in auction yard so when he takes gas from the cars it goes to fill ours up,,,yep supervisor approves this..his supervisor’s name is Jeremiah and is Catholic…hopefully hubby will be able to move up to towtruck driver, will know monday…

    sorry so long..but main question is how does one really make it on one income..yes, i have even started to really tithe..yes,,that requires much faith espeically when hard to come up with money..

    any thoughts would be helpful..can post here or send to and prayers,

    diane, iowa



    Try this site… there are various work at home employers listed on there such as phone operators etc.



    I am a SAHM but I also have a part-time crafting business. It is seasonal, mainly Sept-Dec during which I sell home made crafts and children’s crafting kits designed by myself. It brings in hobby money to support my hobbies throughout the rest of the year. I maybe attend 5 craft fairs in total throughout the season plus 2 open houses and am currently expanding it to home parties (with hostess incentives), first hosted by myself then I will be asking friends to host.

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