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    Hi everyone,

    Our little Sophia turned 2 Years old on December 21st! She’s an awesome kid. She’s friendly, plays well with others, and loves to help Mommy with mini chores. This girl is a smudged wall and spilt milks worst nightmare! 😆
    The thing is just doesn’t talk much… She says a few words, but she still isn’t using words together. I’ve talked to DH and he says that she’s fine and kids develop differently and she understands what we say so she’s fine…
    The problem is I meet several other two year olds that speak very clearly and in 3-5 word sentences?!?!
    We got new books and I try to talk about everything I’m doing to encourage her talk more, but I would love any suggestings anyone else has.

    Also, I if you could pray for me. I love Sophia and truly want the best for. I hate this feeling that I’m comparing her to others and she’s not living up… I just don’t want her to struggle the way I did in school. I love her for who she is and what to be prepared to help her with any crosses (Speech Problems/learning disabilities) she may have to bear.

    Am I being to harsh a critic?

    Have a blessed day,



    Hi Maria,

    I think it’s your responsibility as a mom to be worried 😆

    My opinion: don’t worry too much. Kids do develop differently and just because Sophia is a little behind right now, doesn’t mean she’ll be behind later.

    But to add, I do know of two factors that might delay speaking:
    1) A child is introduced to more than one language
    2) If parents don’t constantly talk to the child when they’re a baby, children might also start speaking later

    (I personally know a mom who didn’t talk to her boy (now 3 years) when he was a baby because she didn’t know how to “talk baby talk”, so now that he is three, he doesn’t say a single word, but understands everything.)

    I don’t know if the above factors effected your little girl or not, but even if they haven’t, I’d probably wait a few more months and see how she progresses before beginning to worry.

    Good luck!



    Just an idea…
    If you are worried, I might try to give her options to choose from thus encourageing her to talk. “Would you like to have milk or juice to drink?” Keep the two option hidden to keep her from just pointing. “would you like to go to the park or to Grandma’s today?” If she askes for something by pointing you can encourage to use words by saying, “Use you please Sophia.” or “it helps Mommy understand you better when you use your words.” You can even ask her at bed time, “What did you enjoy most about today?” Tell her whay you liked about the day.
    I worked in a preschool for a while and we used this idea with some of the children who were very quiet. At frist it may feel strange and even sound weird, but it will start to feel more normal after a short while.
    Remeber God loves you and your daughter and he will never give anyone a cross to big for them to carry. trust Him.
    God bless, and and I hope all goes well,


    My oldest son didn’t really speak in sentences until about 2 and a half and he too was and still is a neat freak! When he was about 18 months and still quite quiet, I taught him to sign about 30 words and that helped tremendously for him to feel comfortable communicating with us. He is 4 now and has since dropped the signs, but is very verbal and a great talker. We are homeschooling him because I have found that he was bored at preschool, he is so introspective and a deep thinker/analytical, which makes him become easily bored by coloring “yet another worksheet about the letter C”…!

    Good for you that you are concerned…that means you love your daughter. I’m sure whomever she is and becomes, you will be right there supporting her!
    God Bless you and your family.
    Mommy to 2 boys



    I spoke with some other moms and they also said not to worry much. Due to her strong motor skills she’s just more of an active kid than a talker…

    I have been asking her more questions and telling her to “use your words”, and we did have a break thru! Instead of whining I ask her to say “Momma Please” and it worked just a few days ago! I gave her a big hug and I’m doing my best to respond to “Momma Please” quickly so she associates it with getting what she wants versus whining and pointing.

    I know my DH doesn’t talk to her much… and when he does it’s more of a one sided conversation. I’ve been working with him an “how” to read to a 2 year old and how to engage her in his gardening time.

    Thanks so much for your advise and support. Sophia is such a great kid; full of energy, compasssion, and out going personality. I just thank God everyday for blessing me with this Ministry of Mommy Hood. I want to do my very best to honor both him and our family!

    Blessed and thankful,

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