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    Our Blessed Mother tells “Mariamante” to pray a 15 decade rosary daily.
    (CH 5)
    She goes on to explain: My Son suffered horribly for your sins. You must make atonement for them. Do not neglect your duties. Heaven is most distressed with the state the world is in. Only prayer and penance can change this.



    With a large family to take care of how do you work the Rosary into your busy day?

    I have a friend who always prays in the car… a few beads at a time… by the end of the day she has prayed 15 decades.




    I have found that for me, being able to pray the extra 5 – 10 decades means that I have a small ear phone in my ear…

    I have the rosary (now on mp3) and I pray it as I go about my work.

    I rise early enough to pay 5 decades…
    Most often we pray a family rosary after supper (5 decades)…

    For the Chaplet of Diving Mercy for which I have great devotion, I often use the ear phones.

    When getting into the car, I automatically place a rosary tape in. This way I am surrounded by prayer most of the time….

    Blessings and hugs,
    Margaret Mary



    I have been praying 5 decades a day for some time now. It seems more and more I am hearing about 15 decades a day (or should it be 20 now with the luminous mysteries?). This is not the only prayer in my day – I have morning devotions, the Angelus, and Scripture contemplation.

    I wonder, with all of this, running a home business, raising a toddler, making a home, can I do It?



    How do you pray a 15 decade rosary?
    Do you do all the mysteries each day then? which ones?
    Confused? 😳



    About praying a 15 decade rosary everyday.
    I pray (or try to) one 5 decade rosary before everybody gets up. Just have to plan ahead a little.
    I also try to pray another 5 decades while I put the baby down.
    We pray a 5 decade rosary as a family in the evening. If you pray a little throughout the day you’ll soon have it prayed.
    I start my way through the mysteries depending on what day it is. That is the rosary we’ll say at night so I work around that. I really like to pray the Sorrowful mysteries so if I say it more than once in a day I don’t think Our Lord would mind as long as I try to get them all in.



    I say a Rosary a day and try to say 2.

    It makes me feel so good.


    I wanted to ask you, Margaret Mary, where did you find the MP3 of the Rosary? What a wonderful idea for the long drive everyday!

    Thanks for all the ideas, ladies!



    I’ve just started praying a 15 decade rosary daily 😀 Its easier than I thought it would be. I Do some in the car, some in the shower even. I am able to do it without my rosary, I’m not sure how I guess my Guardian Angel must help me, but I can keep track of the number of Hail Mary’s I’ve said. A good way to do it if you don’t have a rosary is to use your fingers, we’ve got ten so it works out well.


    I am a long time rosary maker. In the last few months or so in Eucharistic Adoration, Jesus revealed to me to focus my skills on the 15 Decade Rosary. I am humbled and honored to follow God’s will in this.

    I keep hearing more interest in the 15 Decade Rosary—so Our Lord must be revealing this to others too?

    May God Bless us all,


    thank you for this post.

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