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    Recently some problems have arised with my daughters Godfather. There are some thing that he has done that I do not approve of and no longer want him to be the person my daughter has as a godfather. I thought long and hard before choosing my daughters godparents and thought that the person I had choosen as her godfather would be a great person for the lifelong comitment, I have now come to learn otherwise. Is it possible to remove him as my daughters godfather?? Does any one know??? Thanks




    A few people have asked this on the EWTN expert forums and the answer has always been no. However, they suggest limiting the godparent-gone-wrong’s access to the child and chosing a more appropriate role model for her to spend time with.

    Hope this helps.




    Freda is right but I would also add that you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to keep the godparent in your prayers and also if/when your daughter is old enough, have her pray for him, invite him to church with your family on special occasions, etc. in order to re-evangelize to him and maybe bring him back to the faith – that is, assuming he’s not dangerous or something…



    Thank you for asking this. I’m not looking to remove my daughter’s godfather, officially, but like you, he has recently shown that his faith is not where it should be. He doesn’t believe all the Church teaches. :( I now regret the choice, though he is still close to our family and he is really good to the kids. At the time, he was the only other Catholic I knew to call upon. I appreciate that there is someone in a similar boat (though sorry you find yourself there)

    Keep praying for him!



    Your not the only one,my daughters godfather was , quite adecent man but now he is
    NO type of role model for my child.Thats why this time i have chosen very carefully for my son.
    It very difficult for me as my dad is only practising catholic ,so he is godfather.



    Godparents are important, but at least you are there to provide the Catholic example for your child. Try and find others to help you in this area since he has flaked out. And yes, keep him in your prayers always, even after he reforms himself.


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