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    I’m so humiliated! My husband promised he would watch the kids but ended up going to his Dad’s (nearly 2 hours drive from home) after work…somehow thinking he’d be back in time.

    Well, he wasn’t. So, I told him I would take the kids with me and he could pick them up from me at the chuch office. DH couldn’t find the place. So, the kids were with me the whole time. I had to take them outside at one point because they were getting rowdy and disrupting introductions. My eldest tried SO HARD, God BLESS HIM! to try and keep his brother settled down but…little brothers are little brothers and he just kept on at it.

    When I took them outside I saw DH drive by twice and tried to flag him down but he just kept on driving!!! Ackk!! Then, apparently, he called my cell phone which I left inside the meeting accidently. I thought it was off anyway…so I didn’t go in to retrieve it, thinking that it would just mean more disruption.

    When I finally went back in everyone said “your phone was ringing” but not in a mean way…just letting me know.

    I was SOOOO miserable! The kids are usually good but they were tired and ornery. Well, I should say my youngest was. Alex was in top form…poor guy…he tried so hard to keep it together!!

    I’m almost ashamed to go back. I hated taking them, because I knew it would be rough on everyone…BUT…I was afraid that if I didn’t go I would miss and eventually give up. I just decided to muddle through because I felt being there tonight was truly important. Of course, that was before Chernobyl…after the fact I’m really questioning my logic.

    😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳



    I would say that you did the right thing 😀 You thought that it was really important to be there and maybe God wanted your two boys there too. Children are part of the Catholic faith and part of a Catholic family. Perhaps by having your boys there with you, you opened someones heart, or made someones day, maybe someone unerstood the faith more through them. God had a reason for your DH forgetting and going to his Dads, and for him not being able to find the church, for your cell phone ringing during the meeting.
    There are always things in life that are embaressing, but we have to be able to walk back and face them with a smile 😀 😀 😀 Keep smiling and thank God for the two marvelous gifts he has given you in you boys.
    God bless,



    tholics, of ALL people, should be happy to have lots of children around, and if they’re not, there’s something wrong with their attitude.
    Don’t sweat it!



    Times like those happen often enough! When they do, I always like to think I’ve made someone feel better about themselves. :)

    Someone could look at your unfortunate chaos and think, “Wow, I guess I’m not having that bad a day!” Or, they could look at your youngests’ behavior and think, “Oh, I’m so glad my kids aren’t the only ones!”

    I know I always feel a bit better when my kids are all quietly in a row at Mass, and I hear someone’s toddler being carried out screaming! Mine seem like such angels then! So… when it’s mine being carried out screaming, I’m glad I could I could lift the spirits of another mom who’s suddenly grateful for her child’s perfect behavior!

    Don’t know if I made sense – that’s my mind! Just thought I’d pass it along. 😀

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