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    I begin RCIA in a couple of weeks. I hope to become Catholic but my husband does not share the desire (at the moment). He was also married, at one time as a teenager, to a girl who cheated (in a big way). They were only “married” for a couple of months and got a legal divorce.

    He probably isn’t going to be interested in getting an annulment from the Catholic Church because, to him, it would have the relevence of a decree from the easter bunny (he’s agnostic 😳 ).




    I went through the RCIA course a couple of years ago and found that everyone there was incredibly supportive of each other’s situations and obstacles. Many individuals there came from non-Catholic families and families who have much against the church, but during the course people were very understanding and provided a lot of moral support and advice to each other.

    Also, the priests and facilitators of the course were always there to listen and provide support to the candidates – try talking to them, and I am sure they will give you great advice and point you in the right direction. Sometimes the answer is simply to pray as that is in itself a powerful thing to do.




    Thanks Julka, I think RCIA will be a good thing. DH is actually starting to show some interest in going just to “learn”. I told him some of the things I’d read about the Catholic position on evolution, scripture, etc. I think he was surprised by the rationality of it.

    I hope we can each ask a lot of questions regarding a variety of topics (not just DH’s previous “marriage” which is much a joke to him as anyone else…afterall, it lasted all of a couple of months when we was a teenager no less! Now he’s in his 30’s and the only wife he’s ever really had/anyone in the family would acknowledge for 7 years (8 in a few months)!)

    Here’s hoping anyway. I really need to get things right with the Church and with the family. *We* need it.


    I think it’s great that you are taking the steps to try to become closer to God and improve your marriage in the process. Have faith and pray…God knows your situation and wants to be there for you. I have been married 10 years to a cradle Catholic who has always supported me in my own Baptist beliefs while standing firm in his own. However, After studying Catholic doctrine for 10 years, I am in RCIA and can’t wait to become a full-fledged Catholic. My kiddos were baptized in the Church so that really made me think things through.
    Good luck!



    Talk to your priest about what you can do if your dh is not ameniable to seeking an annulment. There are things that can be done, I think “radical sanation” is what it’s called? (one of the smarter women here can correct me 8) ). Because unless the two of you have your marriage validated within the Catholic church, you cannot participate in the Eucharist.

    After 5 years, most of which I spent nagging dh b/c he is not Catholic and couldn’t figure out the big deal, he finally received an annulment from his first marriage. We are having our marriage validated February 17th. :) I am a cradle Catholic but never made my confirmation, so I have been in RCIA this year and will be confirmed this upcoming Easter Vigil.

    Good luck! I will be praying for you!

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