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    Hi all, just watched it last night with the hubby. I like to prescreen some kids movies before letting my son watch them. As with some of the other Pixar films, this one has some “adult” humor. The two parts that bothered me the most is that in one quick scene the lovable little rat scampers across some rafters and looks down to see a French woman pointing a gun at her boyfriend/husband. The man says, “You dont have the guts!!” and then they embrace. Yea, I get it, the French are passionate people, but I think that there might have been another way to get that across. Evil villian kiddie violence is a bit different from kiddie domestic violence. It was just a really random, quick scene, but bothered me all the same. I did like the fact that one of the bad guys ends up being a good guy in the end and helps them all out, that always warms my girlie little heart.

    My second qualm was that the main human character (the insecure chef apprentice) ends up to be the illegitamate son of the famous french chef. The ghost of the famous chef gasps and says, ” I have a son!??” Sorry to ruin the movie but its not like its an Oscar contender! Now, I understand that there are all kinds of kids in the world, some from married mommies and daddies, some with 2 mommies and 2 daddies, some with no daddy at all…..and that we should love them no matter what their background. BUT, this is not the type of values Im trying to instill in my child . He is a bit young to get it now, but he will eventually.

    If those 2 little things dont bother you then it is a really cute movie with a completely different story line. The graphics are of course impressive, but I wouldnt expect anything less from Pixar. I am sure that I am just being over-protective, heck, I dont even like 101 Dalmations because the whole story is about a psycho woman who wants to skin a bunch a puppies and wear their skin like Buffalo Bill…yikes!



    Hi ladies,
    I’m new here. So let me say I’m glad to be here.
    Anyway, I loved Ratatouille and so do my kids. The scene with the couple reminded me of the showy violent dancing of the French APACHE dancers.
    Oh yes, Linguini didn’t need to be illegitemate but that is Disney.
    Anyone still remember the butchering job they did on Treasure Island with their Animated movie TREASURE PLANET. I had so many problems with that one. Ratatouille is harmless in comparison.



    Cars got me! We do watch it and enjoy it, but there are a few things that bugged me, such as the 2 girl cars that “flash” there headlights at McQueen! Kids hopefully won’t note these things, but that is bad grown-up humor as well. I’m hesitant to say adult humor because that term has been misused as well! Things considered to be “Adult” is misleading in itself.

    For ex: I was having some problems with my Yahoo account and submitted a request for help. It asked me what type of account it was and listed various types for me to choose from. I chose “adult account” because I am an adult. It didn’t even occur to me that they meant “sinful and inappropriate for all ages” account! I will say I was pleased that when they responded, they let me know they were discontinuing those types of accounts. I thanked them profusely and let them know I had no idea they even had those! Yikes! 😯

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