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    I had mentioned this site and I managed to find the addy. Its a protestant movement where they practice no form of family planning, including NFP. I couldn’t find anything about NFP on the website in a way of support for or against it though.


    I’m conflicted about how I feel about it. On one hand, its a wonderful thing to be blessed by children. But I just feel like I would be overwhelmed by having them too close together. But is that just me not being willing to give of myself? I don’t know. Financially, we could support a lot of children. Physically, I’m young and healthy. I’m not saying I think NFP is wrong, I think its a fine method of child spacing. But I feel a little selfish by preventing conception.

    What surprises me is how people have so much disdain for the movement! If you’re feeding and caring for your children, I don’t understand why anybody cares how many you have. I see big families, and its rare that they aren’t thriving. You have to be close and function well to survive in a big family, and generally big families are God-centered, so it works!

    My husband and I made a horrible mistake after our second son was born, and he got a vasectomy. We weren’t catholic at the time, we weren’t really religious at all. I was brought up as a protestant, and they’re a lot more lenient about birth control. And we were really struggling at the time with our kids. Zack would scream if he was in the same room as the baby. Of course that’s all cleared up now, and Zack asks if he can hug his baby, and we’re left sterile.

    But God is so very good, isn’t he? He knows everything, the past, present, and future. He knew we would be so grieved by this once we came into the faith, and he allowed the vasectomy to be a failure! That’s right, apparently sometimes they don’t work. We’re not sure to what degree it didn’t work, but we know it didn’t. As you ladies know I may have had an early miscarriage last month, and also a sample showed there were little swimmers present (btw there is a moral way to do this – if you have to give a sample, poke holes in a condom so that there is still an opportunity for life).

    So the point of my sharing this is that after that ordeal, not to mention the fact that since my cesarean section I have a harder time conceiving, I have such a great appreciation for the ability to conceive!! Its easier to see it as a gift, and not a burden.

    Check out the website and God bless,




    In answer to your question, I tend to agree with the Pope, but then again, I suppose that’s why I’m Catholic :)
    Catholics have always been pro-life. This is not a new thing. I don’t really concern myself too much with these Christian movements, I mean, some of them believe in having multiple wives!


    Those “no birth planning whatsoever” kind of people make the Catholic Church look downright moderate on the issue. I think whether it’s ok or not to have child after child lies in the conscience of each mother. If the mother knows she is not giving enough attention to the chidren, or is neglecting her husband, then it is probably wrong of her to keep having them. But if she knows in her heart she is providing well for the children in every way, then I see no problem with it.

    I know many people who don’t have time for their 2 children, shipping them off to daycare for 50 hours/wk– it would be scary if those people started having a baby every year.



    I truly believe that God is in control! If He allows a pregnancy, He must have wanted that soul to be another person in His Kingdom! He is the author of life! Our we really trusting Him?


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