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    Hi! I am a SAHM of 2 wonderful kiddos and have recently moved to a new city and have become an active member of the nursery for Parents’ Morning Out and Moms and Tots Playgroup. Having lived in a place that only offered secular playgroups, I am new to the Catholic playgroup idea. We currently have free play then snack, and it lasts about 1 1/2 hrs.

    Since our leader’s children will both be in school this year, I have volunteered to head up the playgroup. Our children (about 8 2-3 year olds and my 13 month old) are (mostly) old enough to incorporate a little structure, which they were too young for last year.

    My question is this: what sort os things does your Catholic playgroup do? I plan on having themes (I am a speech pathologist who, pre-kids, worked with preschoolers, so the material in this sense is not a problem for me), though need some advice about incorporating prayers, songs, etc. into our time together.

    Any suggestions or advice would be SO very appreciated!



    For that age a great thing would be a music circle time! Get some fo the children’s hymns and teach them to sing! Circle time is an easy way to handle kids that age. You can use different colored mats for each child and have them sing with you! Alsoif youswitch t a game like head shoulder knees and toesthey are all right in front of you to see what they need to do!

    Sounds lik you’ll have blast!


    Thanks for the suggestions – I actually still have some different colored seat/mats from my teaching days that I ran across the other day! Maybe I will contact the children’s choir coordinator to get some good songs – thanks again!

    BTW, I am Tina Marie as well!




    This year, we split our MOMS meetings into two. One evening session that’s Moms only and one day session where we bring the kids.

    For the day one, we’re going to start bringing some craft things. We have some older children, so we’re going to teach them rosary making. Also Catholic-related crafts, like coloring pages of the Saints, or a video about the Bible…little things that they find fun and will help introduce the faith to them.

    Good luck with your playgroup!

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