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    My 11 year old daughter is feeling aweful about these little elementary school girl “cliques”. On the one hand I want her to be forgiving and turn the other cheek but on the other hand, it is coming down to her actually wanting to quit basketball because it is so miserable when she goes to practice/games. There is lots of wispering and tee heeing, finger pointing and exclusion. Can’t I tell her to just pop ’em one and then go to confession???????? Kidding……….but it really breaks my heart to see her so taken down by these little girls and their mean spiritedness. I have tried going and just standing in on practice. The coach has talked to the girls in general about team spirit and tonight the principal was actually brought in to have my daughter and the “clique” in for a little discussion. They ended up all shaking hands but only for looks. Now things are much worse. I don’t want her to be a quitter but I also don’t want her to be miserable.

    Veteren Moms………what is your advise? There will always be “cliques” in her life so I would kind of like her to learn the appropriate way to deal with them now but I also can’t stand to see her so upset every day.


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