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    Or, how I got in trouble on a mothering board for criticizing the practice of placentophagy.

    For those unfamiliar with the term, it means eating the placenta after the baby’s birth. Personally, I think it is cannabalism. What do you think?

    At any rate, I said it was a vile concept and now I’m an evil non-PC Westerner. I’m just wondering, has the world really gone this crazy? Or is it me that is nuts?



    I think it’s a stupid practice. I really don’t see any point in it; placenta is not food.



    I’d honestly NEVER thought of a relatively normal, sane, human mother doing such a thing. Animals might, but that is instinct and, well, they are animals after all, right? They eat their own dung, too, nothing surprises me about animal behavior.

    That said, when someone posted that someone was thinking of eating afterbirth, my reaction was: EW! DISGUSTING!

    People are so WEIRD! I can’t believe anyone could take offense to someone responding to “I’m going to eat my kid’s placenta” with the workds “EW” “YUCK” and “DISGUSTING”.

    Don’t I know other cultures do it? Um, well, other cultures do a lot of things I find strange and/or revolting. I took a lot of human behavior and anthropology classes that included a variety of things (never came across placentophagy until now, though, necrophagy but not that…grizzly either way in my book). Over time, people have done a LOT of things. I personally don’t care if I’m offending a routine placenta-eater by saying “EW”…and I don’t think that is narrow minded…but I heard, loud and clear, that it IS narrow minded to say “no, I don’t eat human body parts”.

    How scary, though?! To think there are people who really ARE offended that someone would think the practice is gross. It just sounds like a New Age/Hippy thing to me. Trying to be “more in touch with nature” and that sort of thing.

    I’m fine with the natural world, I just don’t know if I would want to be that “cozy” with my “inner hamster” if you know what I mean.

    Weird, just weird!! There were actually folks trading recipes!! On a major baby/pregnancy forum!

    Sheez, I’ve got to get over this morning sickness so I can get back to my usual routine. This computer is becoming too much a part of my daily reading LOL. 😆



    Dear God, anewlight07 are you for real??

    Trading recipes? Has this world gone totally bananas? Seems this way to me. A lot of the “new age” stuff is totally weird koo-koo to me too. Sometimes I think about it, and go, “what do these people think???” Or, “do they even think???”

    The forum you probably stumbled upon this into is not a Catholic forum, but just a gerenal one. I belonged to one too and got kicked out by the moderator for being pro-life, being against euthanasia, and not supporting gay relationships. Everyone else was pro all of the above, so I was the black sheep, the odd one out, and therefore my membership was suspended. Go figure.

    Anyway, placenta is indeed not food. What’s next? It’s gonna go for sale in the local supermarket? It’s pathetic… Yeah, it might be a practice in some other cultures, but not here in the West, it seems waaaaay too uncommon. My family, personally, eats cow-tongues and chicken hearts, and some of my friends find that disgusting, and I just lough because I can see why, it’s not too common, etc. But it’s still animal parts, and not human placenta (body part in a way, almost like an organ).

    Grrr @ some people Grrrrrrrrrrrrr



    People are so WEIRD! I can’t believe anyone could take offense to someone responding to “I’m going to eat my kid’s placenta” with the workds “EW” “YUCK” and “DISGUSTING”.

    Let me confirm for you …
    EW, YUCK, DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    People are so wrapped up in being PC that yes, they HAVE lost all common sense. Sorry they were so harsh on you. God forbid YOU have an opinion that is contrary to someone else’s. SHEESH!!!



    mmm…. placenta with a nice Chianti? :roll: 😆

    Just kidding!!!

    OK OK, I gotta ask:

    a) Obviously NOT a hospital birth?

    b) How DOES one prepare a placenta ? (now THERE’s one for Martha Stewart!!)


    c) Is white wine or red served with it? 😆



    Thanks! I feel sane now! 😆

    I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the comments about not offending the placenta eaters by voicing personal disgust over the practice. Some people make soups, some casseroles, some have it made in to a hygenic pill form, some go for it raw…. :roll: EW! Why do I have to accept that, again???

    I really don’t like being pc all the time. I wouldn’t go out of my way to be mean, but, if someone asks “Hey, do you think this is gross?” I will give an honest answer. But, you can’t be honest about things anymore–even when asked. We have to be warm, supportive and accepting of just about everything. The whole thing was over at Babycenter. I was also really shocked on the circumcision question when one lady referenced all the guys she had, well, you know, and how she felt about doing that, in graphic terms, to certain guys with certain parts. GROSS! It just screamed “I’m a skank and proud of it! Weeee!” Gross, gross, gross…that is the LAST thing I want to know about ANYONE in person OR online.

    Sometimes I feel so completely out of touch with “modern” femininity. Most of my in-person friends, etc, are fairly conservative (actually most are Mormon, given where we live LOL…but thankfully they never bother me over things), but, sometimes I run across “ladies” who could make a old-time sailor blush and run for cover. If I had a daughter acting that way (I don’t care what age), I’m afraid I’d be compelled to grab a bar of Dail, stick, and leave it in her mouth for a good looooooong time.

    I mean, I’m no saint…and sometimes I get a laugh at some off-colour humor myself…but there are some things that are just SO above and beyond common decency. I wonder “why on EARTH would anyone want to air this garbage in public?”

    Thanks, again, like I said, I feel sane now. Those big, public forums are just too high on the weirdness scale for me. I just don’t think “keep an open mind” is always the best thing…nor is it bad to have your own opinion.

    Besides, I always thought, if you left your mind too open it might just fall out anyway 😯 😆



    @anewlight07 wrote:

    Besides, I always thought, if you left your mind too open it might just fall out anyway 😯 😆

    Aaahhahaha, that’s just about right! I really agree with everything you said in your post. I feel a lot more comfy here in the Catholic Forum than in any general public one. As long as the issues are on basic kid-raising, I find them informative, but when it comes to some aspects that are too “new world” or go completely against the teachings of the Church, I feel like the odd one out & completely cannot connect. Voicing your opinion is out of the question, unless you support everything that’s being said; otherwise you’re just feeding yourself to a pack of wolves, at times.




    I guess I’m of a different mind here. I think there is a good use for the placenta.

    If you are hemmoraging after your birth you can put a dime sized sliver under your tongue and the hormones in it will stop the bleeding without having to pump a bunch of drugs into you.

    If you are having post partum depression you can eat some and the hormones in it will alleviate that.

    I don’t think it’s necessary to eat the entire thing for no reason in fact you’re only supposed to use the maternal side for the reasons described above. However, it is an amazing organ.

    Mine is frozen in my freezer and if I had needed to use it I would have. As it is I am going to find a tree that reminds me of my son to plant over it in my yard. (that’s another great thing about it, it is an amazing fertilizer:) )

    ps. I’m guessing you were on the mothering boards:P

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