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    I am trying to choose Godparents for my forth child (now 3 months old). I don’t want to repeat Godparents that I have for my three other children. Finding someone who “qualifies” is proving to be difficult.

    I would like to have my brother (a practicing Catholic who has his children baptised Catholic) and his wife who is a Morman. My Priest says my Morman sister-in-law can NOT be a Godmother. So, I have been reading on the net and I think I have the answer. You only need one Godparent but you can have two. He could be the Godfather and I think she CAN be a Christian witness. But are Mormans baptised Christians in the eyes of the Catholic church?

    I don’t feel like I can ask him to be the Godfather and not his wife to be the Godmther or witness. She is a wonderful, honest person…just not Catholic!

    Any input would be helpfull.




    Hi Nikki,

    Mormons baptisms are not considered valid by the Catholic Church as they do not use the proper Trinitarian formula. So, she cannot be listed as a Christian witness on the baptismal certificate.

    Hope this helps,



    Freda is correct, but you can ask her to stand with her husband. My Mormon SIL stood up for my daughter, but her Godparent is my Catholic ex-stepfather. I wanted to include my husband’s family in the celebration in some way.



    By choosing only your brother, you are wittnessing to the fact that you really believe in the validity of you religion.

    Your child deserves and needs a godparent who will pray for them daily and be a good example. Don’t let feelings be the deciding factor in something so so important!




    Truly this is very important. The purpose of the godparent is to help you raise your child in the faith. It is a real responsibility that is often not taken seriously. A non-practicing Catholic is not a good choice for godparent, nor is a non-catholic. However, the non-catholic spouse of a practicing catholic may possibly be brought closer to Catholicism, if their spouse takes their responsibility as godparent seriously.

    This is not simply and honor or a formality, it is a serious responsibility.




    Thank you all for the replies.

    We will have my brother be the Godparent. His morman wife will stand along side him during the ceremony.

    My mother was shocked that my son would not have a godmother but that is our decision. He will have one Godparent who practices his faith (a much better value that two Godparents who don’t).

    Thanks again. 😀



    Dear 4_7,
    Why do you doubt the priest when he says “No a Mormon can not be a godparent in a Catholic Ceremony”. It is “NO”.
    The Mormon religion is “totally” different from Catholic teachings.

    If you have your brother as a godparent, then that’s sufficient. The purpose of a godparent is to assist the parents of the child with the child’s religious education, i.e. Sacrament of Reconciliation, First Communion, etc

    So, check out with your Pastor if one person is sufficient for a God parent.
    Best Wishes,

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