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    We do a Friday family movie night for our 5, 7 and 9 year olds. We have an online movie membership and some of the time, there just isn’t anything appropriate out there that we have not already seen. We have been renting old television series and the kids have really enjoyed them. So far we have gone through the entire Lost in Space series and are working on Gilligans Island.

    I have been trying to remember any other good series from the past – there was He-Man, Superfriends, Little House, Waltons, etc. It is also fun for my husband and I to watch these as well and try to remember them. Only problem is you can only get them through online rentals – they don’t carry them in the rental stores.

    We have really gotten a laugh out of Lost in Space – the beginning ones are black and white and more serious, but the kids have loved them all.



    How about the “Get Smart” series? I really liked those when I was younger. That came to my attention with the new movie, in which we were disappointed in, so I put the TV series in my que hoping to share the nostalgia with my kids (ranging from 3~15). From what I remember, it was pretty innocent and non-graphic. Original Batman was kinda fun too.

    😆 😆

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