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    Does anyone else have in-laws that aren’t religious?

    My in-laws are all atheists and they are absolutely HORRID when it comes to their opinions about the church. I’m sick of the comments they make. It’s really frustrating that they are so nasty about it. I don’t preach the gospel to them and I don’t discuss religion with them since there is NOTHING that would change their ignorant opinions, they just argue back with anything we have to say.

    Is anyone else in this position?

    Oh, by the way…my husband went through RCIA a couple of years ago and became a Catholic. My in-laws were never told about it (although they DID find out).



    Hi Stacie,

    I’m sorry your in-laws are so terrible. Mine are not that outspoken but are not in favour of religion either. I think they are mostly indifferent to religion.

    My thought is that the best way to convert them is to lead by example, live the Christian life, and let them see the results. I know nothing I say will convince them, but maybe what I do will.

    I do, however, insist that no one make anti-Catholic comments in my house or in front of my kids.

    Sorry I can’t be of more help. I’ll be praying for you.




    Thanks Freda!

    Thankfully, none of these people makes comments in my home. While in their own homes they let the comments fly whether my kids are present or not. It’s truly frustrating.

    I have let them know that the topic of me raising my kids Catholic isn’t up for discussion. One of my BIL’s seems to respect that, but the other in-law’s don’t. 🙄

    I just keep praying for them and hopefully one day, I’ll see a difference.



    My sympathies! My in-laws are technically Catholic, however their knowledge is greatly lacking. They have made comments to my husband. making fun of him for going regularly to Confession, so I can’t even imagine what it must be like to have people who are completely opposed to religion!

    I want to encourage you though because often times, those who fight the hardest end up coming around to the strongest faith. After all, it may very well happen the becuaes of your own family, you may help save their souls!

    In the meantime, perhaps you could talk your husband into buying you a punching bag to hang up in your own garage for when you come back from visiting the relatives! Just kidding…

    God bless,

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