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    So I am needing a little support right now. In march I was told I had endometriosis along with my existing polycystic ovaries and low progesterone. We have two beautiful girls and I thoughthis was God’s was of gently telling me we were done with kids. So I had surgery for pain control reasons only and found out the ovary was twisted partially, I had adhesions on that side and endometriosis. WELL now we are really done I thought. So we used two fertile days and I remember saying it will be a miracle if I get pregnancy. Well God is in that business for sure. So here we are 4ish weeks pregnant and husband is a little stressed. He is 41 and we really thought we were done. But I didn’t I didn’t trick him when I said it would be a miracle I still think it is. I had a strong feeling in my heart we weren’t done-someone asked me the other day if we were having more and I about cried when I said no-I think that time is over for me unless the man upstairs has other plans-well apparently he did. So prayers all around-I do great with pregnancy but those first six weeks are really rough for me after delivery.



    Congratulations! I guess that is all I can really say. That and I will include you in my prayers tonight.

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