NFP moms, HELP! Need advice about upcoming surgery!

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    I am having surgery on my jaw on Thursday to hopefully repair a torn disc (severe TMJ syndrome). I have had horrible pain in my jaw for 10 years along with migraines, lock jaw, and now I find out that I have permanant asymetry of the jaw because I let this go for so long. So I have scheduled the first surgery for this coming Thursday…’s the problem (I’ll have to back up a little bit to give you the entire scoop)

    In May we had a 2nd miscarraige (had a healthy son in between) and I have had 2 cycles since. I couldnt tell when I ovulated for the first time after my D&C but my 2nd ovulation was pretty close to target. Well, Im suppose to ovulate around the 8th of this month and I have ROYALLY screwed up!! I had sex today not realizing how close I was to ovulation!! After my husband and I had sex he said, “Good grief, you attacked me like you were ovulating or something!” Thats when my heart jumped straight into my throat and I ran to check the calender. I swear it seems like I just got done with my period! You see, we went on a little vacation to the lake this last weekend and I was in the water oh, about 80% of the time, therefore, mucus changes would have been hard to look for. My husband was right, I did attack, I just thought it was because I hadnt had “it” for a few days (sorry, I dont blush easily). Now its of course impossible to check for mucus changes because, well, baby batter is um…..ok, blushing a little

    My doctor told me that no matter what it is routine for them to do a pregnancy test the morning of the surgery, BUT, being that I would only be literally days pregnant, it wouldnt show up yet. So do I cancel surgery that I have waited years to have and have already gone for all of my pre-op stuff for just because Im being paranoid OR do I not take a single chance?? After 2 miscarriages I of course dont want to take even the slightest chance so I guess Im just looking for reassurance from you guys so that I dont feel so crazy calling my doctor tomorrow to cancel this major surgery. I cannot believe I screwed up so badly. I had gotten out of the charting routine during the 12 weeks that I was recently pregnant and then this last week FLEW by planning for the lake trip that I didnt think I had anything to worry about….geeze. Hopefully he’ll just let me reschedule for later after Im sure Im in the clear.

    Okay, I just read everything I typed and I am obviosely NOT going through with the surgery….but if you all could still give me your opinions that would be be really great. Thanks, Gina N.



    Does surgery risk a pregnancy? It must, I just was unaware. (“duh” moment for me)

    Anyway, I would call the doctor to reschedule for after you can test and have a true positive or negative result. Since you’re said you’re canceling already, then you’ve made up your mind! God will be with you and lead you and allow for another time for the surgery.

    Keep us posted



    I would be under general anethesia (completely knocked out) so they said that they would have to confirm by a urine test the morning of the surgery that I was not pregnant so I assume that yes, there would be a risk to the very new baby. I was only able to talk to the receptionist and she was super sweet and understanding about me canceling, I just wonder how the Dr. is gonna be….I feel like such a spaz! Thanks Gina….many blessings, Gina N.




    I just wanted to respond to what you said regarding the surgery and the recent miscarriages. I feel that you are making the right decision not to go through with the surgery. I myself have had 3 miscarriages and I am now very parnoid about doing anything that might harm a new baby. God bless you in what you are going through. The doctor will understand if you explain it to him (well, maybe not all of it) and who cares what other people think. You are answering to God. thanks Rischa



    TMJ can be painful, especially if it’s painful enough to require surgery. Yikes! You poor thing. I hope your surgery went well and your mouth is healing well. Did the jaw surgery effect your teeth in any way? I hope the maintenance for your jaw continues to go well and you have a good dentist and dental insurance to take care you.

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