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    Hello, ladies! I am still relatively new here and wanted to ask you all to help me…

    Long story made short:

    I was born and partially raised in PA, by an all Yankee family. When I was in grade school, we all moved down south, home of the Bible Belt, into a small town where the local First Baptist Church controlled the cabel tv channels we were allowed to have offered. I knew very few Catholics in my community, and was surrounded by Baptists and Protestants, where I had no issue with their religion. I was brought up by my parents and various parishes to pray for all, love all, and act as Christ-like as possible to all. Call it naivety that I assumed that others felt the same way. I was NEVER taught by my parents or my parishes that other religions were not going to Heaven, would incur wrath, or any such things. Indeed, my priests never spoke of other denoms bt instead focused on making the parishioners better Catholics.

    Now as an adult (31 yrs), with a preschooler and toddler, I have been trying to become a more devout Catholic in order to teach them and model for them. In an effort to learn more about other denoms and faiths, I have been researching and speaking with others so that I may be better able to answer my children’s questions and perhaps my own to aid in my spiritual growth. I have been frequenting a Catholic message board and decided to speak online with people of various faiths.

    I had some conversations online with Baptists (various types of them as well), where I was told I was NOT Christian and would end up in hell because I was a Catholic. I was met with an attitude of pity, near hatred by some it felt (though I am pretty sensitive, lol), and a lot of judgment I had never before experienced.

    Being military, we find much love and acceptance across the board among the Christian religions – we are used to diveristy and we mold together and respect each other. However, the experience with the Baptists, the fact that my oldest friend recently became Baptist, and the fact that many of my friends are Baptist, Assembly of God, Pentacostal Holiness, etc., I feel this constant paranoia that the people I hold dear in life pity me, consider me something other than Christian, etc. I wish I still had that naivety. I find myself now judging others who are Baptist for being judgmental…ironic. Of course I know better and pray for love to enter my heart so that the negative feelings may go away. I try to treat others of any denom in a Christian way, so at least I am beign an example of what Catholics are.

    If you have been attacked by people of another denom/religion, how have you let go of the negative feelings and go on with life? Any suggestions would be super…I appreciate it!




    Personally, I think the only way to deal with it is to pray for those people who attack you. That’s the Christian way to do things.

    As for the folks who say you’re not Christian, you might want to remind them that we are the original Christians as our church is the one Jesus made Himself!

    And, I’ve had some silent treatments on a Christian board because of my religion and username. I just pray for those people to learn the truth.


    Thanks for your sweet and thoughtful response! I did find it pretty ironic that other denoms consider the first Christian church to be non-Christian. They began quoting Bible passages to me, which I could refute with other passages, along with telling them how we should rejoice in the similarities we share, that we believe Christ to be our Savior…it is too easy to tear people apart by bringing out their differences, and indeed, that is not the Christian way, to judge and hate.

    I just feel the need now to have dialogue with friends who are Baptist to let them know that I am more than happy to answer any questions they may have of my faith, and that if their pastor/preacher gives any information about the RCC, please automatically come to me so that I may explain the truth of my church.

    Ugh. I need to just pray about it and then accept the fact that there will always be people with hatred and judgment in their hearts, huh?

    Thanks again for your reply – have a great night!



    Hi Tina!


    I have posted on this topic in the past here – same problem with my convert-Baptist uncle (previously Anglican protestant) and his wife and children. Ugh. It’s not pretty. And they are soooooo nasty about RCC.

    I’ve tried ignoring them, but get very riled up by their comments. Have tried refuting but they tend to tune out or change the subject if I can actually refute some of the quotes they hurl at me – just a huge exercise in aggravation really. We now live across the country from them, but my uncle is coming to visit us when in town for a Baptist conference in early November. AAAUUUUGGGHHH. But I find that he’s (a) better when not on their home turf but guests in our house and (b) when his wife isn’t around.

    I really benefited from reading Rome Sweet Home by Scott and Kimberley Hahn. Want to send my dear uncle a copy of it but haven’t worked up the nerve!! Also Karl Keating’s book – title is something like The Attack on the Church of Rome by “Bible” Christians. Very thorough and goes through everything about our faith – and refutes much that Baptists are taught about us.

    There’s a famous quote by an American priest – baby brain at the moment and I can’t remember his name – sigh – something like people hate what they mistakenly believe to be true about the Roman Catholic Church.

    Look forward to chatting more in future!




    Ya know, my husband had a nice moment with his Baptist Unit Chaplain (he is Army). The Chaplain happens to be Baptist, and as they were talking, my husband related the experience I had with the Baptists. The Chaplain was very gracious listening to it all, and very kindly and gently responded to my husband. He let my husband know that there are many sub-sects of Baptists, and only the real hardcore, Fundamentalist, Bible-beating Baptists would ever teach some ridiculous things about the RCC. He explained that there are other sub-sects of the Baptist church that are normal, down-to-earth people who do not teach some things, nor do they lump the RCC with the Mormon church.

    Okay, so maybe this is God’s way of helping me in this – this makes me feel so much better and reminds me to stop doing the very thing I look down upon – judging others!

    Just had to share!




    It’s nice to hear that there was someone who helped you understand a little better.

    I never knew about the sub-sects thing. I *did* know that not all Baptists were like that and I knew a few folks from OTHER denominations (including nondenominational Christianity) who are very anti-Catholic.

    It’s the biggest reason that I stick around the Catholic boards because the all encompassing Christian ones can be hostile to us Catholics. Not outwardly hostile, but you get the idea.

    And, for the record, I get the most hostility toward my faith from my in-laws who are angry atheists. I think that somehow they feel threatened by our faith (DH & I). :roll:

    ETA: I searched Karl Keating’s name on Barnes and Noble and he has a load of books that sound VERY interesting!!! Oh, the title of the book that was recommended is, “Catholicism and Fundamentalism: The Attack on Romanism by Bible Christians.” It sounds VERY interesting!!


    Thanks – I will check out Barnes and Noble (maybe in person, and get a chocolate-y drink while I am at it, lol)!

    Atheists – ouch. My DH’s twin has turned atheist (was Episcopalian) after some rough stuff in his childhood in his church. We pray that he is able to separate the bad people from the Lord and His goodness and love for us all!

    Have a great night!



    Hi Tina, and welcome to a great site. (It is great, and I wish I could get here more than about once a week)
    I have a fairly different situation than you but it does relate. Our family has belonged to an ecumenical Christian group, as well as being active parishoners, for a very long time now. In the ecumenical group we have all agreed to stress the things we have in common and to avoid hurting each other over our differences. Not that we hide our beliefs, just that we only explain and try never to press in an argumentative, I-have -to- be -right way. Our focus is to live as a witness to the unity Jesus wanted for all his followers, to show in a little way that we can stand, pray and share with one another. Our problem is that over time it is hard to maintain our ecumenical-ness, partly because so many non-Catholic Churches don’t have our understanding of the broadness of Christ’s love and salvation. That is, they either teach or imply that only THEY are right. We have ,perhaps, 10% protestant families from at least 5-8 churches but they find it very hard to talk up the use of ecumenism to their fellow church members. I find the situation somewhat sad.
    But you mentioned studying your faith more and I would like to add a suggestion. Borrow a copy of the Documents of Vatican Two and read the document on Ecumenism with other Christians. Especially with the perspective that this teaching is precious, and not everybody has come to see it this way. It will strengthen your faith and understanding. I think it will help you to do what Jesus is asking of your life- the selfless, loving responce, over and over, until you are fully what we all aim to be: the humble loving imatation and extension of Jesus for others.



    Whoops! forgot to sign my epistle.

    love and prayers, Nan


    Thank you so very much, Nan! I will do just that – anything that can help make me a better Catholic is a blessing; I really appreciate your time and suggestion!

    Have a wonderful day!

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