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    Hi, ladies! I have a 14mo DD who is already VERY spunky (read: stubborn and into everything, lol!) and a very independent, spunky 3 1/2 yo DS. I want to know what you do for discipline, and then if there are any good books, preferably Catholic ones, that offer devotions for parents and discipline advice.

    My little guy is extremely bright and inquisitive…he is stubborn like my DH and me, and since his speech has come late, he is really asserting his independence more than ever. With him, it is never big things, like punching or biting…it is the little things that are getting to me. For instance, everything is DRAMA! “Let’s pick up your cars, honey” “NOOOOOO – I don’t want to pick up my cars!” “Sweetie, let’s try to go potty before we leave. Before we get into the car, we all try to go potty first.” “NOOOO!” as he falls to the floor.

    We have remained consistent in our discipline and DH and I ALWAYS back each other up. We have gone so far as to take 90% of his toys away (he would NOT clean them up, so we told him after an hour that whatever was still on the floor would be taken away.” Standing in the corner quietly is our main form of discipline, though any more that does not really work. We have tried a spank in some situations, though this really is not effective with him, so we continue with the corner.

    He really has no “currency” as I think Dr. Phil calls it. He was happy for almost 2 months with a few toys, after having most taken away. After a spank, he is just fine. Ugh!

    How do you all get your children this age to listen and cooperate and realize that they do not call the shots at all times?




    Try the book, Discipline that Lasts a Lifetime by Dr. Ray Guarendi. He’s a Catholic Psycologist & father of 10. He also has a website,

    He’s got a call ib radio show as well – i’ve found him to be very down to earth. If you do call in, let him know you heard about him from this website…

    He basis most of his discipline on taking away of privileges. In his book he says it’s never too late to start disciplining children; it just will take longer to get a hold of the situation & consistency is the key…

    We’ve found it helpful on our 2 yr. old who trys any chance she gets to try & rule the world! :)



    Dr. Ray is GREAT!

    You should also read “Parenting With Grace : Catholic Parent’s Guide to Raising Almost Perfect Kids” by Gregory and Lisa Popcak


    Thanks for the suggestions – I pray that these will help us in our quest to be better parents!

    Thank you both!

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