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    Hi everyone. I was raised Catholic however as a teenager did not really believe what the Church taught and of course did all the dumb teenage stuff I shouldn’t have. But anyways……3 years ago I married my wonderful husband who has brought me back to the Church. We have been blessed with two beautiful daughters since our marriage. My husband introduced me to NFP. We started trying for a child immediatly after our marrige, and our second we started trying with as soon as we were able after our first was born. Due to circumstances we have decided to hold off for other children right now until our finances are settled. This is the first time in our marriage NFP has come into the picture. I was concernred about using it (like most of you probably were I was raised in a pro pill era (i am 23) and used the pill until i met my husband). It was hard for me to accept NFP and the comments of my family who is against it don’t help. I want to do what is right but I heard somewhere that using NFP is not different than birth control because both you are not being open to life. I was very confused by this point so I went online (bad idea!) and came accross this article. just click on the top link. Is this even true? or is it ok to use NFP for family planning. Obviously i dont want to use contraceptives but I also don’t feel we are all called to have 15 kids! I am now more confused than ever. Are these people even Catholic? (after reading other articles it sure doesnt seem like it) Id appreacite any hlep on what the Church teaches on NFP. Thank you!!
    Heres the link:


    I am not sure about the authenticity of the links you posted, but if you haven’t yet done so, PLEASE read GOOD NEWS ABOUT SEX and MARRIAGE by Christopher West. It is taken from the Pope’s writings so is VERY Roman Catholic but VERY easy to understand. It should answer your questions (even embarrassing ones) and is real easy to read. I would suggest you and your husband read it together.

    NFP is different that ABC because in using ABC, you are attempting to separate the act of sex from the act of conception. NFP does not do this.

    Good luck with the little ones!



    I totally agree, Good News About Sex and Marriage is a really great book. I too am from the “what, you arent on the pill???” era being that Im 27. Girls in H.S. took the pill like they were tic tacs, me included! My husband and I only practice NFP which is incredible considering we practiced that BEFORE I knew I wanted to become Catholic AND hubby is still a protestant and still supports me on this. I too do not feel that we are called to parent as many children as my body can produce and that God gave women a biological scheduled cycle full of “signs” and symptoms for a reason….because He gave us reason and rationality unlike animals in which we can “plan” for children but of course ALWAYS giving Him the final say and accepting His will. I hope that makes sense.

    I have recently learned that within the NFP sect, that there are those like me who practice it in order to space out children so that finances have a chance to catch up and college tuitions can someday be paid, and then there are others who think any kind of planning is wrong. But consider what NFP is an accronym for….the latter word being planning. I for one do not think planning is necessarily sinful unless you are cutting God out completely like chemical or barrier contraceptives do. I have said this before and I’ll say it again, I plan for my retirement, my groceries for the week…why not for family?

    As long as you have put Him in the driver’s seat, I doubt He minds if you make a request for where it is you want to go….but hey, maybe thats just me! Kudos for choosing life through NFP, either way you practice it, it will surely be a blessing to you and your family. And dont listen to the world, even if they are family and friends. I remember when Ryan and I first got married and we told people we were doing NFP. SOOO many said things like, “Yea, you guys are gonna like 20 kids, good luck with that, you’re crazy”. Well, we have one son and have been married for 4 1/2 years. We planned on having him along with the 2 other children that unfortunatley resulted in miscarriage. But never have we had what they refer to as “an accident”. ALthough some of them have due to failed contraceptives! Ironic.

    Christopher West’s teachings on the Theology of the Body is endorsed by the Roman Catholic Church and is practically a prerequisite in many parishes for engaged couples, so feel safe to take his word as fact on church teachings. May peace be with you, Gina



    Here is part of an article I pasted from the Couple to Couple League, which is also endorsed by the Church. I checked out the ” Most Holy Family” link you provided and that is most definetely NOT CHurch teaching.

    NFP vs. Contraception
    “Isn’t NFP the same as contraception if a married couple is using it to postpone or avoid a pregnancy that they are not ready for?”

    The short answer is “No.” The reason is, contraception involves the deliberate frustration of the marriage act; NFP does not. In some ways, that may seem like a small difference, but in reality, the difference is huge and very important.

    Traditionally, the Catholic Church has always taught that married couples have the right to “plan” their families, provided this is done in a responsible and just manner, and is done with the proper motivation. The Catechism of the Catholic Church says:

    2368 A particular aspect of this responsibility concerns the regulation of births. For just reasons, spouses may wish to space the births of their children. It is their duty to make certain that their desire is not motivated by selfishness but is in conformity with the generosity appropriate to responsible parenthood. (emphasis in original text)

    So, it is not “birth regulation” that the Church opposes, but selfishness and any immoral means of accomplishing that.

    The Church teaches us that it was God who made us male and female, and therefore, it was by His design that the marriage act has the dual purposes of the procreation of offspring and the nurturing of love between the spouses. These purposes, designed into the marriage act, must always be respected in order to follow God’s will. When a couple deliberately frustrates the procreative potential of the marriage act through contraception, they are acting against God’s plan and design for marital love. On the other hand, when a couple who have a “just reason” for avoiding pregnancy choose instead to abstain from the marriage act during the fertile time of the cycle, they are not acting in violation of God’s design.

    Abstaining from the marriage act does nothing to deliberately change the procreative potential of the marriage act because there is no act. Again, it is not a sin to postpone or avoid conception for a just reason, but how a couple postpones or avoids conception can be sinful or it can be virtuous.


    Those people are nuts. They’re not really Catholic since they are adamently against what the Popes have taught. They’re really Protestants if you ask me.



    I practise natural familly planning and really believe it to be of God and respectfull of our faith. I’m not one who can quote the cathoquisim off the top of my head but my husband is (he was in the seminary his put it on hearts and that’s wbefore he desserned that marriage was his vocation). Trust me if it wasen’t right we woulden’t do it. NFP is not selfish, it is truly done in love and respect for one another your family and God. I’m 28, have a 5yr g, a 3yr b, and expecting twin boys. I waited till I was married and have practiced NFP since. I have gotten lectures from my doctors for never being on birth control but I beleive NFP is great. With NFP you know your body better, plus it’s a mutual decision between you, your spouse and God. The Lord is always in between us and our decisions to have children and we surrender it to him. The conseption of our children was done in a way that we knew we would conceive them when we did and both felt that was God’s will. We joke because our kids are spaced out and the Lord knows that was right for us and our children and now he caught us up by having twins.



    The website that you referred to “” is NOT affiliated with the Catholic Church and is most definitely Anti-Catholic! They are undoubtedly trying to lure unsuspecting Catholics, who are less knowledgeable about their faith, into believing the nonsense that they publish both online and otherwise.



    I found an article on this website addressing the very question you have, entitled Birth Control and NFP: What’s the Difference?

    Here is the link: (There are numerous other articles on this link too.)

    Here is a quote from the article:
    “In the fertile days of a woman’s cycle, if there are serious reasons to avoid pregnancy, the couple respectfully steps back from the act of intercourse. In using birth control devices, however, they attack the meaning of the act — they do the action of intercourse and then undo part of it. In NFP, instead, they simply choose at times not to do the action in the first place.”

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