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    Have any of you seen the Anne of Green Gables movie? It’s a few years old, by Sullivan Entertainment here in Canada. Do you know the book? Anne is the best girl character! She’s a spunky red-haired orphan adopted by an older couple who *really* wanted a boy. Anne learns to manager her temper and her tongue and gets into some hilarious scrapes. But she keeps her wonderful imagination and Matthew and Marilla grow to love her. The movie is absolutely beautiful and stars Megan Follows as Anne. I’m sure you could find it. And if you haven’t read the Anne books by L.M. Montgomery, you must!! There’s a whole series and they’re all fabulous. The stories are based on Prince Edward Island and there is a whole tourism industry built up around Anne. There’s a wonderful musical – the lyrics are great. I could go on and on.

    We grew up loving Anne. My best girlfriend has moved to England and has three girls – she just read them Anne and managed to get the film. They had a book day at school and she was so proud that her two oldest girls (youngest not in school yet) went dressed as Anne. Their classmates didn’t know Anne, but the teacher did, and they all started to read Anne. It’s a little phenomenon now in Bicester!!

    And here I have three boys. But I will read them the Anne books, just as I will read them Tom Sawyer and the Louisa May Alcott books. There are good boy characters in Anne, as well. Gilbert is her nemisis to start, but ends up….well, I won’t ruin it. :)



    sounds interesting!!!!
    i also want to recommend “stepmom”…
    i cried when I watched this movie with my cousins…

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