Miracles that continued to happen this past weekend in NJ

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    I just got back from Money Mastery Training this past weekend. Was there a small little voice telling me that I shouldn’t spend more money without knowing for sure the benefits? Yes, honestly there was, however I decided that I was going to listen to the voice from God Himself instead, and I am glad I did. Blessing!

    We have 2, 20+ year old boys out of our 5 sons, who have brought me to my knees, who both continue to press pain into my heart, who make me remember that what ever pain we are given here on earth is nothing to the pain that Jesus sustained for us on the cross.

    On Friday, in walked David V., I said to myself, uhmm.. “Man he looks like Nick!” Later Eddie P. walked in. Again, “That is so weird, he looks like Chris”. As the day and weekend progressed I knew that God sent me to this class and God sent Eddie and David to be with me at this class as well. Blessing!

    Later Carl showed me that God brought David and Eddie there for me to see my children in their perfected form, in the way I have always dreamt they would become. Thank you my new perfected children! Thank you so much Carl. Blessing!

    Joe Schroeder didn’t know my story, he didn’t need to. Everyone who has truly experienced his “magic” knows that it isn’t magic at all. It is a gift from Heaven. Joe is here on this earth to help all of us become the people God intended us to be, removing the shackles, removing all walls and all fears. Blessing!

    Only those in the room this weekend can testify of the miracles that occurred. I can’t even begin to express it all.

    Not only did I meet wonderful people, I saw how ten feet tall and bulletproof they all are. They were there by my side and I hope that one day I can be by their side as well, if God so chooses. Blessing!

    As I was walking through the airport I was telling people hello, good morning, they would stop almost in shock, and then pause, and then a big beautiful smile. They would thank me. I told them they were there to bless others and to keep smiling even when the hours of the day wore on them. Blessing!

    I was sitting eating my breakfast and there walked by a little 2 year old girl with her mother, she was singing, dancing her way to the table. Her parents and family seemed to not notice her sweet messages from Heaven, as they were probably used to her doing this. However, as an outsider, it was the most beautiful thing I ever saw. I went up to them to admire their little girl. I told them that we once were like that. We once sang and danced without a care in the world and some how life changed us, we no longer dance and sing. I told them that they are blessed to have such a reminder and I walked away. Blessing!

    God continued to bring sons to me. I was sitting eating lunch and a gentleman and his co-worker, 20 year old young man sat down. They are both contractors that work in the small confines of the world’s nuclear power plants, dressed in all the protective gear, 130 degree temperatures to clean out the waste.

    I looked into the young man’s eyes; they still had life in them. I said what do you love about this job, he said just being able to travel, and that is my dream. The older gentleman said, “You are here to save him aren’t you, you are his mother”. Blessing!

    Wow…! God’s grace healing me again!

    I continued on my trip giving out blessings and my last new son was the driver from the airport to my car. His name is Ya-Ya from Sierra Leone, Africa, (“Blood Diamond”).

    His parents were murdered during the war in 1998; his sister wasn’t killed by the grace of God because she was visiting their uncle in Nigeria. He was sent to NYC through immigration for one year and is now living in Seattle. I asked if he liked it here, he said with a big smile I love it! Even in the midst of a great loss of his family and his country this young man saw only the gifts from God. Blessing!

    God has blessed me this weekend and will continue to do so. I am so fortunate to have met all of my new like-minded friends. Blessing!


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