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    I am looking for suggestions. I have the most difficult time with distractions (ie, my son-1 year old) at Mass. I know that taking care of him during Mass is not a sin. It is after I’ve quited him down or taken care of whatever is the issue at the moment. I try to redouble my efforts to get back into it, but I am having great difficulty.

    Any meditations, suggestions to redirect my wondering mind? Tana



    Hi Tana, dont worry we all have this problem.I actually stopped going for awhile, as thought there was no point me going if i couldnt pray. But now i just say a prayer and try to follow as best i can.
    At least you are there, and your one year old is there, listening to Gods word.
    God bless



    I don’t know if this will help but this is what my mom and dad did growing up. Growing up my mom and dad went to different masses so that the youngest of us kids could stay at home and not cause so much commotion at mass that mom and dad couldn’t get anything out of mass. As we got older we eventually merged into attending one mass as a family. My husband is not Catholic so I just leave my youngest home with him and take my oldest son with me to mass. Every once in a while I leave my oldest at home and try to take my little guy to mass. I definately don’t think at this point I could handle both of them at mass by myself.




    My DH and I take both our kids with us. I believe they have every right to be there as anyone else. They are God’s children and God’s gift to me.

    I just take it with stide knowing that MOST people there have had children at one point or another.



    I concur, (sp)…I simply love the scripture verse…i think it was last sunday in fact that mentions Ezra reading the word to all that could hear the word of God…to the parents and the children…yep…young children were present..I know that..and I am certain that God didn’t mind “their outburts” in fact a child’s voice is a song in God’s ear…sad to say that “some parishoners” have forgotten that.




    I feel the same and often wonder what is the point? Then I was talking with my mom and she pointed out the fact that more important than anything is my recieving the eucharist and God’s grace in doing so. When I look back at it I realize that is what gets me through to the next week. But with 3 little ones, sometimes by the time we get up, get ready, get to mass and get home, I feel like I just ran a marathon! We used to sit in the cry room with my 1st but it was so loud that we never heard anything. Now we sit in the back so we have a quick exit when needed, I nurse with relative privacy and we bring quiet snacks for the kids. I try to read the readings before mass so I have an idea of what is going on and then I tune in when I can. Now that my son is almost 4 we try to get him involved by describing what is happening in very simple terms and encourage him to sing, give sign of peace, stand & sit & kneel and pray the prayers he knows.

    Keep going and when it seems like you can’t do it go anyway and you will recieve the grace you need. Your presence is a testament and example to other moms and to your kids!

    I’ll pray for you!

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