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    I’m not endorsing birth control (I am abstaining right now myself), but in certain circumstances, I think people feel they must use birth control or be sterilized (such as when the doctor has told you that you might die from having another baby, or when you are at your breaking point with the kids you already have and NFP cannot work for you since you get up in the middle of the night with a baby). For those poor people, I am posting this link to an article written by a priest and theologian…
    Notice it’s from EWTN, so it’s completely legitimate.




    I think that you have completely misunderstood the article which comes to just the opposite conclusion: that contraception IS always gravely sinful!

    I got this answer from Elaine76 who is the NFP consultant for the Catholic Mom Community. This her response to your post:

    I think you may have misunderstood the article you link.

    The author of the article asks the QUESTION, “In the Church’s universal Magisterium, is the sinfulness of contraception considered grave or light matter?”

    And it does mention that some people claim that the Church no longer considers contraception a grave matter.

    But then the author comes to the CONCLUSION that,
    “It is evident then that in the doctrine taught by the Magisterium the use of contraceptives in performing the conjugal act constitutes *gravely sinful matter*, in addition to being an “intrinsically immoral” action, and thus is *never* permissible for any reason or purpose whatever.”

    God bless!


    On second reading, I would say that the author is trying to say that contraception is more serious than venial, but he never calls it a mortal sin. He states that the opinion of many scholars is that contraception is not a mortal sin. There`is clearly uncertainty among chuch scholars on this issue.

    In anonymous polls, 70% of priests don’t even believe contraception is a mortal sin, or even a sin at all. 90% of Catholics ignore the teaching–many awesome wives and mothers are bieng sent to Hell every day if this is truly a “mortal sin.”

    The priest at my Engaged Encounter said that non-abortifacient (sp?) birth control was not a sin, but rather could lead a person down a road into sin by objectifying the spouse. I can hardly believe a priest at an official Catholic event with 50 people around could be wrong.

    Also, John Paul refused to make the teaching infallable, showing that he knew it could be wrong. If he were sure it were a mortal sin, I really believe he would have called it an infallable teaching.

    I think the Church has so much dissent on this issue because of the people who are in circumstances like the ones I mentioned in my initial post. I have a friend (pregnant 4 times in 5 years doing NFP (and not trying to get pregnant)) with a chronic disease who has been told to not have anymore children or she will die. She, at 32 years old, is afraid of having sex with her husband. NFP didn’t work for her, and she has no alternative than to abstain. We’re all married women on here, and we all know how important this part of life is (especially to the husbands). I think it’s so sad that the Church (officially) doesn’t take situations like this into account.



    Here is another response from Elaine76 who is the NFP consultant for the Catholic Mom Community.

    The author of the linked article, and more importantly the Church documents he references, refer to the use of contraception as “gravely sinfulâ€


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    The use of artificial birth control to prevent pregnancy is wrong.

    The use of it for a serious medical condition (such as cysts and cancer) is NOT wrong. (However there ARE alternatives).



    The bottom line is the church has made it clear that contraception is wrong. Even if the author said it was okay, (and I’m not agreeing that he did) we always have to revert to church teaching. Our authority is the church, not any individual author. Of course not all contraception users are committing a mortal sin since they don’t have full knowledge.



    So does it mean that if this was something we did before we became Catholic, that we are still in trouble? I had four kids in 5 1/2 years. I couldn’t take it anymore and DH had a vas. I know have to take BCPs for PCOS. Am I still OK or not? We are looking into becoming Catholic and have been going to church for a few months. TIA



    I understand that NFP may seem like more trouble than it is worth, and I understand that sometimes birth control is the easy way to go, but I have to say (and this is just my opinion) that we were never promised an easy life, or an easy way. Just because birth control is available doesn’t mean it is the right choice or the moral choice. Our bodies are a gift from God, and along with that gift we have responsibilities to take care of ourselves and our bodies by not mutilating them and not hindering their responses. Who are we to impede God’s will for the life he has given us? Yes, we have been given free will to do what we choose, but just because something seems like what we want or need, doesn’t mean it is the right choice. I have been Catholic all my life, but until this last year, I haven’t been a very good one, I have made choices I regret, and choices that I cannot run away from.
    After my third child, who happened to be unplanned (and a very difficult and scary pregnancy) was born we made the decision to get a tubal ligation. Within a day of having the procedure done, I felt remorse and regret. I felt ashamed of myself and selfish and I didn’t understand why. My marriage ended in divorce and I believe this was due to the lack of God’s presence in our marriage.
    Two years ago, I met and fell in love with the man I intend to spend the rest of my life with. After meeting my husband and falling in love with him, I felt as if I was given a gift from God. . I have finally found someone who loves me completely, and encourages me to be a better person and lead a better life. My husband and I soon got married and I started to get back into my religion and began doing my best to be a good mother, a good wife, and a good person in general. I started annullment proceedings through the archdiocese so that we could be married in the church, and have our union blessed, the way it should be. As a family, we began attending church regularly, and it felt so good.
    I now see that fertility is a gift, not a burden, and I cannot tell you how much I regret my selfish decision of 6 years ago. It weighs on my heart daily, and I can’t help feeling that I somehow deserve this pain because of what I did to my body, my life, and the life of my husband. Every day I say a prayer to God that He will help me to correct this sin of mine.
    I heard one day at church that God answers all prayers, but that you have to have faith that your prayers will be answered instead of just speaking the words. Maybe that is my problem, not my faith in God, but my faith in myself, and in whether or not I deserve a second chance at fertility and motherhood. I have many regrets, and I would encourage any woman considering a tubal ligation to look inside herself first, even if her situation seems hopeless. There is always another way, and reversals are not always an option. I spoke to a Doctor who performs reversals, but the procedure will cost $6200, and insurance companies will not help with the costs. Artificial birth conrol in my experience, a bad decision, and a painful one that is sometimes impossible to reverse. I hope if anyone who is thinking about having one sees this letter, that they will re-think that decision, because the pain doesn’t subside, it only gets worse as time goes on. I know in my case, I chose the most permanent form of contraception, and other types of birth control may have less remorse associated with them, but the principals are the same. You cannot call yourself a true Catholic if you only embrace the values you think are easiest or most comfortable. That is not what our faith is about. It is about believing in something that may not even make sense to you because you have faith that God will not steer you the wrong way, and His way is always the right way. Sorry for rambling, I am very emotional about this topic though.



    Thank you mommyof3 for your honesty, your story gave me chills. Just by simply sharing your story with others, you are a testimony of God’s love, power, and forgiveness. God bless you.


    I think this thread should be deleted. It could be very misleading for someone just reading the title of the thread.



    I agree that the title is very misleading and actually not true, however, the information and the testimonies given by the other members in this thread are invaluable. I think the information by the other NFP mothers sheds light on what the Church’s actual standpoint is on BC. Hopefully, if that title makes a person want to read this certain thread, they will soon come to find that the title is false. Just one momma’s opinion! In Christ, Gina


    Just wanted to add in on this thread:

    Birth control pills: IS NOT a mortal sin if one abstains from the sexual act while using it (for purely medical reasons) and up until the time the medication is completely out of one’s system. If you are taking BCPs and not abstaining, then you are committing a mortal sin.

    Other types of birth control (Non-NFP): Are mortal sins. This includes vasectomies, getting your tubes tied, and condoms. Anything used to prevent the miracle of new life in a marriage is a mortal sin. NFP is NOT a mortal sin because, while it is used to postpone the creation of new life, it is not used to prevent new life. NFP, when used properly, is always open to new life.

    Hope this clears up any misunderstandings one may have on birth control.

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