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    So, my almost 3 year old has started wrongly accusing her sister of things, and making up stories. Not imagination-type stories (well, she does that, too, but that’s not the problem). I don’t know if she’s really trying to lie and turn blame somewhere else so she doesn’t get in trouble, or what.

    Example, yesterday, she dumped a huge bucket of foamies on the floor, and I said, “Trin! Those stay in the bucket!” She immediately turned to her one year old sister and said, “Madelyn!” with a scolding tone of voice. Another example, one that bothers me a whole lot more, because she does it almost daily: Madelyn approaches her with hands out, probably touches her/brushes her face/pats her arm…Trinity goes to HIT her back. I say, “Don’t hit your sister” she says “Madelyn don’t hit me!” or “But she hit me!” Or, there’s a mess and I know M wasn’t even near what happened because I was HOLDING HER, and I say, “Trin what happened” “I think Madelyn made a mess” She can’t find something she misplaced, and again, I know M had nothing to do with putting it in a strange place, and I hear “Madelyn lost xyz”.

    How do we teach her to be honest?



    Start talking to your child about Jesus. How Jesus always tells the truth. I started reading my boys stories from the childrens bible story books.
    Like Noah and the ark, the story of Moses, the story of David and Goliath, the story of Easter. There are beautiful stories from the bible in children versions and 3 years old is a good age. When the boys were old enough I bought them books and read to them as early as 1 1/2 years old.
    I still speak to them about honesty is the best way.
    God Bless

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