I’m new…anyone w/lg. agespan between 1st & latest?

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    😆 Hi Catholic moms!!! Woo-hoo!!! Tonight I did a search and found this site! Can’t believe I haven’t done it before.

    A little about me. Raised in the south, southern baptist. converted to Catholicism @ 21, exactly 20 yrs ago. Married 22 yrs, still in love with DH, have 5 blessings here and 3 in heaven…..oldest is DD 14, DD 12, DS 8, DS 5, and DS will be 2 in August. Anyone with 3 boys knows what my days are like, and what they are like for my 2 girls!!!

    I homeschooled my daughters thru 3rd & 1st, then they went to Catholic school for 2 years, then we moved to a new town and they have been in in public school for 3 years. This fall they will be in 9th, 7th, 3rd, K and the baby will just be in tow as usual! Right now we are in week 3 of summer vacation, and the tattling/telling, whining is driving me crazy!!! Manners and “using words” have flown out the window, and anarchy has taken over. Tonight I took away my DD 14’s laptop, cellphone and phone priviliges. These are recent privileges that were very hard earned and paid for by her (except laptop, which is a spare from DH’s work), but her attitude (and I suspect hormones) are far from what I consider to be virtuous. She constantly challenges me and it seems like all of a sudden, most of what comes out of her mouth is in direct contrast to what she’s been taught to believe all these years. She is an MC (head altar server) at church and loves that whole scene, but lately I feel like even that is a status thing for her with the younger “newbies.” AAAAHHHHHH!!! She thinks I’m the evil villain who makes her do “the most work” and she can’t believe I have “cut her off” from all communication wth her friends. Well I say Boo hoo sister!!! Ha ha Suddenly she had become interested in music videos and “hip music,” which I must admit has very alluring and cool tunes, but lyrics that make you want to cringe!!! Example, Black Eyed Peas….very hip and “dancy” music, but soooooo provocative. My mother in law has always said, “the devil will not tempt you will broccoli if ice cream is what you like.” So I am really struggling right now with the beginning of the whole “teen thing.” Any advice? Thankfully she is going to a Steubenville youth conference in 3 weeks, followed by an ECYD (a Catholic girl’s youth) summer camp, so I’m hoping she’ll be moved by these experiences.

    Besides that fun, everyone else has lost everything from popsicles to Public Television, and I’m trying to hard to get into a positive reinforcement mode vs. a negative one. Help????

    DH works far from home and is working on his Masters, plus teaches some college classes at night to help pay for some much needed yard improvements, so he’s not been helpful for the last year or so. I feel guilty about having to require so much help from my 2 DD’s, but at 41 can’t physically do it all!!! I am falling behind in daily prayer and scripture reading, but will be joining a mom’s bible study for the summer starting next Monday night at our wonder parish, a treat for me and a much needed night out!!!

    If anyone has any real hard core advice on how to handle a chronic tattler, I’d appreciate it!!! My DS who is 8 has ADHD (no meds….he is HIGHLY intelligent and overly observant/sensitive) so 95% of the time, what he “tells” for is completely justified, but this is just not good character developement. Incidentally, since making his First Holy Communion this last April, he now wants to be a priest, so he says. The tattling priest. AAAAHHHH!!!!!!!

    Yikes!!! It’s past my bedtime!!! It’s the 4th, so we had a late night.

    Glad to be here!!!



    Hello and welcome 😀
    It sounds manic in your house… in a good way.
    Glad you found us, everyone nice here.
    I have two children girl age 5 and boy age 4mths. Look forward to posts.
    God bless
    Lorraine 😀

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