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    Okay, my 5-year-old son has been having some behavior problems. Among them is this:

    He keeps getting into the dog and cat food containers and doing one of the following with the food:
    eating it
    hiding it
    feeding it to the cat in his bed
    stashing large amounts in containers and then hiding that

    This is a huge problem becuase 1. we’re going through pet food like crazy which is expensive, 2. the cat is getting too much to eat, 3. he’s attracting even more mice, and 4. he’s just plain disobeying, and he always lies about it. 😡

    We’ve tried explaining to him, taking “feed the cats” off his chore list so he has no business there, yelling at him 🙁 , spanking him 🙁 , and finally, the past three days he’s been grounded to the couch or a chair except to eat, go potty, do chores, and take a nap.

    Making him eat it won’t work because he likes it! And we can’t figure out a way to lock up at least the dog food (the container’s very large b/c we have 3 dogs.)

    Any suggestions???!!!!


    I don’t have an answer to your post other than maybe he is just experimenting to see exactly why the animals love their food so much. I am curious though where in Colorado you reside? We are a homeschooling Catholic family in Thornton, CO and I am having a hard time finding many of the same! We have 2 young boys.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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