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    My husband just found out some very disturbing news – his parents don’t know whether he was baptised or not. His mother is Jewish, so she was adamant that he not be baptised. I’m not sure why, she’s not practicing jewish and it was important to his grandmother, yet he had a bar mitzvah b/c it was important to his other grandmother. Families are weird. Anyway, he has lived his life under the impression that he had been baptised. He went to church as a child with neighbors, and received first communion. I don’t understand why his parents didn’t say something then.

    I’m going through kind of an informal RCIA with one of the fathers at our parish right now, and he was also organizing a validation ceremony for our marriage. When my husband asked his father for his baptismal certificate, he found out that his grandmother *may* have taken him to be baptised as a baby at one point when he was sick – he had many health problems as a baby. But his grandmother passed away a few years ago, and his grandfather is a little confused so he won’t know.

    My husband is devastated, and i don’t know what to say to make him feel better. He’s angry at his parents, and he feels like he’s been living a lie, despite the fact that the father told him that the fact that he felt he had been baptised falls under the protection of intent to be baptised. He feels like his parents were playing roulette with his soul, as he put it, especially since he really shouldn’t have survived his medical problems as a child.

    I’m kind of at a loss as to how to handle the situation. He hardly even talks about it. My heart breaks for him. If anybody has any wisdom on the subject, please help me!

    Thanks, God bless,




    I would go talk to a priest about it. He could baptize him if there is doubt. Anyhow get cousel from a priest! God bless!



    yes, I would also consult a priest. It’s understandable why your husband is devastated, but he could be conditionally rebaptised, in-case he hasn’t been before. Not much else that could be done at this point.

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