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    Hi everyone,

    I have not been to this site in awhile. Just thought I would stop by. How have you all been?

    All of my 11 kids are in school but 1. We live on a farm and the boys like to go hunting etc… The laundry never gets caught up! 😕

    Please share what’s going on in your life! :)

    God bless!




    Hi Lisa,
    I was intrigued by your question, since sometimes it doesn’t seem like there is a lot going on and yet there are usually a large (well, in the 30s, anyway) number of guests whenever I check in. So I’m guessing our little chats are encouraging to moms along their way.
    To answer your question- I usaully check in once a week unless chaos has stuck my like again. But I don’t always log in (and when I do I have to go find something I’ve already posted to find my name here- it’s not the password I lose, it’s my identity!)
    What’s going on in my life? that would be worth knowing? Well, my first grandchild will be one year old this week. I got to see her and her mom for the whole of a weekend womens conference and it was great. The conference was a real spiritual boost too, which has kept me more positive in the face of little difficulties since. I am spending a lot of time passing doctor’s tests, which is better than failling them, but takes a lot of time from what I would normally be doing- self employed gathering public record information. I home schooled for 20+ years and I miss the academics, I know it’s strange but I miss the math. I have actually taken out an old algebra II book and done some problems once when I couldn’t sleep. I know you have heard older people say “time flies – treasure it” but it never seemed to be going so fast when diapers and dishes and laundry seemed never ending, and yet I’m here to say once more,”they do end, or at least get down to small little piles- in the cases of dishes and laundry. My life is mostly good, just different these last two years. With only one of the five children still home, and he is a high school junior, the biggest teeth clenchers are new driver ing and decerning/choosing a college/carreer path, that is: helping him hear from God. And there’s no secret to that – you just PRAY PRAY PRAY and repeat as needed.

    smiles and waves,



    Hi Nan!

    Thanks for replying! I see too that there seem to be a lot of lurkers, which is fine. Somedays I do that as well! :)

    Congratulations on your first grandchild will be one year old this week! I’m sure that must be exciting for you!

    How wonderful that you got to go to a womens conference! Sounds like it was beneficial! 😀 It’s always great to get a spiritual boost!

    Hopefully your health is good since you mentioned that you had to have some tests! Praying that all is well with you!

    You mentioned that you home schooled for 20+ years miss the academics. That is great! I homeschooled as well for about 5 years but it just seemed to be too much for me. I have to help the kids often with their homework! Sometimes it seems crazy how they push them so much. They are learning things at about 3 years above what they used to teach. :roll: I don’t know but I am glad that I am out of school. The kids seems to be doing fairly well on the whole but it is so much different from when I was in school!

    I know how you feel about wondering what the kids are going to do with their lives etc… The 2 oldest of mine are in college and the next on in line is a Senior. I don’t think the Senior has a clue about what he wants to do. I pray all the time for them all to do God’s will!

    I know that time flies so fast and soon they will be all gone all too soon! I am trying to enjoy the time with them. I take turns usually taking one or two of the kids shopping with me and we go out to eat. It’s a good time for them to share what’s going on with me! :)

    It really amazes me how much my kids talk to me! Even the older kids tell me more than I want to hear sometimes! 8) I didn’t talk to my mom like they talk to me until I got older. Anyhow, I hope they always feel like they can talk to me!

    Thanks again for posting!

    God bless!

    Lisa :)



    I’m new here–I try to drop in every other day or so.

    My kids are in their late teens (son, 19 & daughter, 17). I’m a pipe organist and cantor for two large Catholic churches in the Milwaukee area. I enjoy chatting with other moms who share my faith.

    Have a blessed Advent season!




    Hi everybody!

    I *try* to come here every few days. TRY. It’s not always easy. LOL

    As far as what’s going on here in our home…right now, we have a lull in the stress. It’ll end soon, though. It always does! :roll:



    Haven’t been on here in …months. Lots of stuff going on.
    I only have 1 boy…1 year old.

    I try to come on every now and then…I just haven’t in a while…but I usually come on here when I have a question or need some answered.

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