How many activities do you let your kids participate in?

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    How many outside activities– dance, sports, music lessons, etc. do you let your kids take part in? One per year each? One per season each? I know things can easily get out of hand and before you know it, you’ll be spending all your time running from one activity to another, so I wanted to know what most of you thought was a reasonable allowance. I would be most interested in hearing from those of you who have 3+ kids and are homeschooling. (Make sure you include the number of children you have.)


    My kids are almost 5 and almost 2 and we are a homeschooling family. My oldest is in gymnastics for homeschoolers, held at our local rec center, and he also is in soccer club at The Homeschool Hangout Center (we have a lot of wonderful homeschool opportunities where I live). I think we will probably have each of them in 2 activities simultaneosly if that is what they want to do. Since we are home all afternoon and usually evening I like them to play with others in the morning and they like the activity and action! We’ll have to play it by ear as they get older. Most of our “play” time is spent playing outside with kids on our street (2-3 hours per day) when they all return from school in the afternoons.



    We have five children. we don’t really do activities until they are four years old. Well, actually, we DID do library story time/activities when they were 2/3…but that was it.

    DD #1 is 7 going on 8. She does ONE dance class from Sept. to May. She does karate year round. In summer (July-Aug.) she does swimming lessons and soccer. Each of these is twice a week. This summer, we are also letting her do a one week foreign language experience and a digital photography learning week. (They are in the same week – right after each other.) Any additional activities would mean giving a different one up. She’s slightly overscheduled as it is IMHO.

    DS is six. He does karate year round. Summer means soccer and swimming lessons. He may do a one week sports day camp this summer as well.

    DD #2 is four. She did dance this year (Sept. to May). She will also do swim lessons this summer. She is too young for our soccer league and karate. We will wait to see what she’s interested in.

    Our other children are too young for organized lessons in our opinion.
    We generally wait until our children ask us if they can do a particular activity. We want to be sure it’s THEIR interest and not our wishes that they be involved in something. The only exception to this is swim lessons. That one is a safety issue because of where we live. They NEED to have water safety skills.



    My kiddos are too small to be involved in anything particularly. However, with DD #1 turning 3 this summer, we just started thinking about it. Our church offers preschool CCE, so we’re probably enroll her in that. She asks me all the time if we can play t-ball – I think that was grandpa’s idea… 🙂 If you caan count my DD #1 bee-bopping to the Life Teen mass we kind of last resort attended yesterday, then she also does dance. 🙂 hee hee

    I don’t know how you moms with several kiddos in activities do it. Talk about super moms! I feel like such a wimp thinking that mastering potty training with a baby also in the house is on top of my list of great accomplishments in life. 🙂 Ahhh… kuddos to all of you!

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